Wall Street Journal – May 10 2022 – “This Wasn’t My Order!” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Thy fierce wrath ___ over me”: Psalms GOETH
“Time ___ My Side” (Rolling Stones hit) ISON
1-Across mainstay for 46 yrs SNL
A seeming eternity AGES
Agreement from Macron OUI
Airer of 66-Across NBC
American marsupials OPOSSUMS
Antlered animal STAG
Apprehend NAB
Artfully select, as a gallery owner might do CURATE
Astronaut Grissom GUS
Bird, for his entire playing career CELTIC
Board game with marshals, spies and bombs STRATEGO
Came up AROSE
Chapel topper SPIRE
Charlotte, Emily or Anne BRONTE
Chrysalis, e.g PUPA
Cinematic clownfish NEMO
Color you don’t want to see RED
Come to rest STOP
Count start ONE
Curvy shape ESS
Dash initialism RPM
Diadem sparklers GEMS
Dress (up) TOG
Earlier, in odes ERE
Flowerpot spot SILL
Frozen food? COLDTURKEY
George who played Sulu TAKEI
Han Solo’s preferred weapon BLASTER
Hero SUB
Hero of “The Last Jedi” REY
Hospital fluid SERUM
Hostile to ANTI
It may be brown or blonde ALE
Junk food? BADAPPLES
Landscaper’s planting SHRUB
Lift, as a mood LIGHTEN
Like a crammed schedule HECTIC
Mortarboard attachment TASSEL
Myth-debunking website SNOPES
Ocean motion may cause it MALDEMER
Office helper INTERN
Online address URL
Op. ___ (footnote abbr.) CIT
Overflowed TEEMED
Person who splits the bill COSTAR
Promote from the minors CALLUP
Put to sleep, so to speak BORE
Regulus is in it LEO
Resource in a Catan game ORE
Responsibility ONUS
Says “I need space,” say ENDSIT
Scarf down INHALE
Scathing review PAN
School whose staff has included George Washington Carver and Booker T. Washington TUSKEGEE
Scuzzball DIRTBAG
Seek relief, in a way SUE
Shrek or Fiona, e.g OGRE
Sign at some retailers NOCASH
Six years, for a senator TERM
Solidify SET
Spoiled food? SOURGRAPES
Street, in Strasbourg RUE
Summer of song DONNA
Super food? BIGCHEESE
Sushi bar tuna AHI
Synagogue chests ARKS
Take care of TEND
They’re drawn at raffles LOTS
To-dos STIRS
Undergo ENDURE
Venetian transport GONDOLA

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