Wall Street Journal – May 12 2018 – Putting Mother First

Clues Answers
‘Hilarious,’ online LOL
‘Journal of a Solitude’ author May SARTON
‘Lizzie and the Rainman’ singer Tucker TANYA
‘The butterfly has flown ___ him as he lay alone’: Stevenson OER
‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’ author Diane ACKERMAN
1960s defense secretary MCNAMARA
1965 NCAA tennis champ ASHE
Addition column TENS
All together ENMASSE
Apt. count RMS
Auction signal NOD
Bakery enticement AROMA
Balance REST
Base opposer ACID
Bedtime story beast OGRE
Beer from China TSINGTAO
Belly laugh sound HAR
Blatantly disdainful SNEERY
Blvd. kin AVE
Break in continuity GAP
Buffoonish alter ego of Rowan Atkinson MRBEAN
Builder’s concern CODE
Bust a gut TRY
Carpenter of note KAREN
Caught a second airing of RESAW
Cheer at a Lanza performance? MARIOBRAVO
Cheering cry RAH
Chops to bits MINCES
Cigarette brand advertised by Babe Ruth OLDGOLD
Clammy MOIST
Come together MEET
Constant faultfinder NAGGER
Craggy hill TOR
Disagreeable NASTY
Documentary about Upton Sinclair’s writing process? MAKINGOFTHEJUNGLE
Dr.’s org AMA
Egg producers OVARIES
Eschewing a costumed squad rooter? MASCOTFREE
Former province of Ireland ULSTER
Frat letters PHIS
Fruity beverage brand HIC
Furious feeling IRE
Gain from flipping an early Impressionist painting? MANETPROFIT
Gang territories TURFS
Getting over a cold in one day, say? MALADYLUCK
Green marker PIN
Hank Williams song ‘There’s ___ in My Beer’ ATEAR
Harmonica’s precursor PANPIPE
Hester of literature PRYNNE
In other words THATIS
Inflation-fighting agcy. of 1941 OPA
Initiation ritual OATH
Instrument for Orpheus LYRE
Intense craving JONES
Is relative? ARE
It’s for the birds AVIARY
J. Lo’s beau AROD
Jewish Community Ctr. forerunner YMHA
Jollies, slangily YAYAS
Kick starters? FEET
Kit’s mother VIXEN
Lack discretion, in a way BLAB
Lapping from a dog bowl? MASTIFFDRINK
Le Mystere buy BRA
Like many campfire tales EERIE
Clues Answers
Litigious bunch SUERS
Magazine’s kin ARMORY
Magic Johnson’s real first name EARVIN
Man of morals AESOP
Manx, for one CAT
Marks one’s ballot XES
Muppets prawn PEPE
Oboist’s buys REEDS
Once called NEE
Opposition group ANTIS
Outperform BEST
Painter from ‘The Heart of Georgia’? MACONARTIST
Pal for Pierre AMI
Part of a loud get-up? ALARM
Penn in NYC, e.g STN
People willing to accept bets TAKERS
Place for the cautious SAFESIDE
Plan for sr. years IRA
Popular sans-serif font ARIAL
Primers in Kuala Lumpur schools? MALAYREADERS
Publicist’s bane BADPRESS
Put away ATE
Quarters for a queen PALACE
Result ENDUP
Result ENSUE
Reward the performers CLAP
Ring pair TAGTEAM
Rodeo rope RIATA
Sailor, in British slang MATELOT
Scope out CASE
Scorpion attack STING
Sealed vial AMPULE
Security system component SENSOR
Server record LOG
Silly prank ANTIC
Site of il Colosseo ROMA
Skate park sight RAMP
Some revolvers DOORS
Sorrowful sigh ALAS
Sorrowful song DIRGE
Sound off RANT
Spain’s last queen ENA
Squash need BALL
Stay too long in the sun FRY
Stern with a bow ISAAC
Strength source SINEWS
Striking quality EDGE
Swine, facetiously OINKERS
T or T-bone choice MEDIUM
Table cloth? NAPKIN
Tap problem DRIP
Tell-all topic LOVELIFE
Thrifty sort SAVER
Toadies’ replies YESES
Travel the rapids RAFT
Treater’s words ONME
Turquoise kin AQUA
Underground flow MAGMA
Use a straw SUCK
Uttered ORAL
Vibraphonist Lionel HAMPTON
Watts of ‘Mulholland Dr.’ NAOMI
WBA windup TKO
Weasel or rat MAMMAL
Woodland walkway TRAIL
Yvonne of ‘The Munsters’ DECARLO
___ soul (nobody) NARYA

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