Wall Street Journal – May 12 2022 – You Don’t Have To Tell Me Twice! Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Au contraire!” NOTSO
“Hostel” director Roth ELI
“Owner of a Lonely Heart” band YES
“Sorry, lassie” NAE
AOL alternative MSN
Base for a batch COOKIESHEET
Bearded goats IBEXES
Befuddled ATSEA
Big rig SEMI
Boolean operator NOR
Come to the surface RISE
Corp. honcho CEO
Dealer’s box SHOE
Decouple UNLINK
Dexterity exercises ETUDES
Drastic action EXTREMEASURES
Dressed for the opera, say CAPED
Email folder SENT
Employed by WITH
Emu’s cousin RHEA
Evel Knievel Museum location TOPEKA
Final words OBIT
Funny piece SKIT
Get ready to fly TAXI
Giving the heave-ho AXING
Govt. ID SSN
Grassy expanse LEA
Gray, maybe OLD
Hang by a thread? SEW
Heating choice GAS
Holdings in some banks SNOW
Home of the Sun Devils TEMPE
Honest-to-goodness GENUINE
Hydrogen nucleus PROTON
Iconic Harlem theater APOLLO
It passes through Greenwich, England PRIMERIDIAN
Like every American president (to date) MALE
Little twerp WEENIE
Lucre GELT
Model citizen? STATUE
Odd-toed ungulate TAPIR
Odd-toed ungulates RHINOS
Pago Pago place SAMOA
Parisian palace ELYSEE
Pen output, perhaps OINKS
Period pieces? ERAS
Pike part FIN
Play structure, of a sort GAMECHANICS
Quaint quarters INN
Ran the show EMCEED
Rapscallion IMP
Regarding ASTO
Relevant APT
Rent LET
Rights org ACLU
Rooibos, by another name REDTEA
Saloon selection RYES
Scarf, say EAT
Scoundrel CUR
Shipshape NEAT
Shot spot BAR
Skeptical scoff IBET
Skirt length, perhaps KNEE
Smart set? MENSA
Some are made into milk ALMONDS
Storybook endings, perhaps MORALS
Supreme Court justices, per the Constitution LIFETIMEMBERS
Surrealist Joan MIRO
Talc, on the Mohs scale ONE
Tennis champ nicknamed “The Punisher” AGASSI
Top-notch SUPERB
Try again REDO
Wipe out ERASE
With affection WARMLY

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