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Wall Street Journal – May 14 2018 – Share and Share Alike

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Clues Answers
*Biathlon need RIFLE
*Card game with sets and sequences RUMMY
*Cold comfort? CHICKENSOUP
*Cowhand’s workplace CATTLERANCH
*Place with a wide variety of goods for sale GENERALSTORE
Affirmative, on board AYE
All the rage HOT
Antlered animal STAG
Application form line NAME
Approves OKS
Bakery treat ECLAIR
Bank lobby sight ATM
Become sharply attentive SNAPTO
Beer after bourbon, say CHASER
Blueprint figure SPEC
Bumbling sort OAF
Cake layer TIER
Case for a dermatologist ACNE
Coaches give them at halftime PEPTALKS
Colorful sky phenomena AURORAE
Continent south of Eur AFR
Dee who duetted with Elton John KIKI
Distinct period ERA
Extra, perhaps NONACTOR
Flower bed fill SOIL
Force fighting good EVIL
Gumbo vegetable OKRA
Hen pen COOP
High-elev. place MTN
Hockey great Bobby ORR
Horn honks TOOTS
In progress AFOOT
Insubstantial FRAIL
Insurance company staffer AGENT
Iris opening PUPIL
Jazz combo, sometimes TRIO
Kitchen whistler KETTLE
Language of northern Spain CATALAN
Like many Billie Holiday songs TORCHY
Clues Answers
Lion, at times ROARER
Llama’s cousin ALPACA
Mamas’ mates PAPAS
Mame or Em AUNTIE
Medal recipient HERO
Min. part SEC
Murdered SLEW
Need a massage ACHE
Needs to repay OWES
Office fill-in TEMP
P.O. boxes have them NOS
Prayer-ending word AMEN
Puerto ___ RICO
Refrain bit LALA
Relax, as restrictions LOOSEN
Respect, in slang PROPS
Reverent wonder AWE
Rickman of ‘Die Hard’ ALAN
Share owners, and, broadly, what the starred answers all are STOCKHOLDERS
Smells ODORS
Some side dishes RICES
Sommelier’s suggestions WINES
Speak pompously ORATE
Spotty cat OCELOT
Stand RISE
Those not previously mentioned OTHERS
Thus far YET
Towering structure on a farm SILO
Track event RACE
Track shape OVAL
Uber alternative TAXI
Unification Church member, informally MOONIE
Units of resistance OHMS
West of ‘My Little Chickadee’ MAE
Winter blanket? SNOW
Work wk. end FRI
Yoked team OXEN