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Wall Street Journal – May 16 2018 – Startups

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Clues Answers
‘Don’t You Know?’ singer Reese DELLA
‘Oh, gotcha’ ISEE
‘You think I care?’ SOSUEME
Aardwolf’s cousin HYENA
Affectedly precious TWEE
Affordable, in brand names ECONO
Angle unit DEGREE
Architectural extensions ELLS
Audience for Sarah Huckabee Sanders PRESSCORPS
Be a bother IMPOSE
Before, in ballades ERE
British territory east of the Carolinas BERMUDA
Buildings that don’t require elevators LOWRISES
Bundle in a barn BALE
Call for NEED
Caret’s key SIX
Caterwaul HOWL
Color along with blanc and rouge on the French flag BLEU
Convention center event EXPO
Corn unit EAR
Court WOO
Cover with broad strokes DAUB
Defeat narrowly EDGE
Doesn’t share HOGS
Double helix stuff DNA
Dove call COO
EMT specialty CPR
Enterprise rival AVIS
Established proposition AXIOM
First baseman of comedy WHO
Foray RAID
From the thrift shop, say USED
Grunting male BOAR
Highway division LANE
Hit show initials SRO
Island that holds a state capital OAHU
Clues Answers
It comes to those who wait TIP
Kitchen cooker RANGE
Knight’s ride STEED
Landing site of July 1969 MOON
Least civil RUDEST
Lessing with a Nobel Prize in Literature DORIS
Library frequenter, perhaps RESEARCHER
Magazine that had many ‘N Sync covers TEENBEAT
Make amends ATONE
Milton called her ‘our credulous mother’ EVE
Mob target RAT
Much of magazines ADS
Open, as a tube UNCAP
Pal for Pierre AMI
Parade’s favorable aspects? UPSIDESOFMARCH
Participation price ENTRYFEE
People who go crazy for improving business trends? UPSWINGNUTS
People who hope for a surge? UPSWELLWISHERS
Phone message TEXT
Possesses HAS
Power carriers CORDS
Quidditch equipment BROOMS
Reed of rock LOU
Rogaine target BALDSPOT
Scatter STREW
Second letter BETA
Shows sorrow WEEPS
Sister of Bart LISA
Skin woe ACNE
Some takeovers COUPS
Strong pair ACES
Stubble site CHIN
There are 168 in a wk HRS
Titles on newspaper stories about end results? UPSHOTHEADS
TV’s ‘Uncle Miltie’ BERLE
Vicious with a guitar SID
When rights may be illegal ONRED
Yorkshire topography DALES