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Wall Street Journal – May 16 2019 – All for Naught

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Clues Answers
‘Damn, that was close!’ PHEW
‘Don’t be ridiculous!’ OHPLEASE
‘High Voltage’ band ACDC
‘Not gonna invest,’ on ‘Shark Tank’ IMOUT
‘Off the Court’ autobiographer ASHE
‘Salad topping’s a hit!’? DRESSINGSUCCESS
According to ASPER
Approx. takeoff hour ETD
Aragon divider EBRO
Baby beaver KIT
Big heap SLEW
Blue state SADNESS
Brief brand HANES
Camera feature IRIS
Done away with SLAIN
Drop a frozen pizza? BREAKLUNCH
Earliest symptoms ONSET
Eventually become ENDUP
Fill up on EAT
Flat gong TAMTAM
Florentine fashion house GUCCI
Fluffy wraps BOAS
He hits low pitches BASS
Hideout DEN
Holds hold them CARGOES
Kauai hi ALOHA
Knee injury initials ACL
Latin ‘lo!’ ECCE
Letters of obligation IOU
Lipitor, for one STATIN
Little League dugout taunt NOBATTER
Mexican sandwich TORTA
Name on a building, perhaps DONOR
Not well at all? RARE
Not well while high? AIRSICK
Off one’s rocker LOCO
Online shopping icon CART
Operating system on many Internet servers UNIX
Oscar winner Jannings EMIL
Park part ACRE
Person from Provo UTAHAN
Place to get a belt DOJO
Played checkers with MSNBC host Reid? JUMPEDJOY
Polo grounds? CHINA
Pop singer Vos ELLA
Port closer CORK
Pot cover at a social TEACOZY
Pronto ASAP
Provoke one’s parents ACTUP
Restaurant rudeness BELCH
Revealing suit BIKINI
Screen guild?: Abbr TSA
Simple sandwiches, simply PBJS
Sistine ceiling figure ADAM
Slim down PARE
Souvlaki wrapper PITA
Station for an oration DAIS
Statler or Waldorf, e.g MUPPET
Stoli competitor SKYY
Talk show host whose first name is Mehmet DROZ
That liner SHE
They cause responses STIMULI
Tosses in ADDS
Unfortunate circumstance PITY
Univ. along the Charles MIT
Value system ETHOS
Vermouth name ROSSI
Voice mail signal BEEP
When nature calls? STALLTIME
Whence a wicked witch EAST
Winged nuisance MIDGE
Winnie-the-Pooh after too much Jim Beam Honey? LOADEDBEAR
Younger brother of Tommy Pickles, on ‘Rugrats’ DIL
Youngest president in France’s history MACRON