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Wall Street Journal – May 17 2018 – Springing for Drinks

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Clues Answers
‘Already?’ SOSOON
‘Botch-___’ (1952 hit song) AME
‘Code Switch’ broadcaster NPR
‘Gadzooks!’ HOLYMOLY
‘Hooray for my achievement!’ IDIDIT
‘In that case…’ IFSO
‘The Simplest Seuss for Youngest Use,’ or what parts of 17-, 25- and 49-Across are HOPONPOP
‘Time to split!’ GOTTARUN
Activity presenting a high bar to clear POLEVAULT
Adjust for a second set, say RETUNE
Advisory group to POTUS NSC
Bar tenders? BOUNCERS
Big D hoopster MAV
Billionaire Broad ELI
Boxer’s brand ALPO
Buick bling CHROME
Bust supports PLINTHS
Carbonized fuel COKE
Check figure AMOUNT
Clinic offering EXAM
Corn syrup brand KARO
Crystal-filled rocks GEODES
Cupid, e.g ARCHER
Dark time in the ad biz NITE
Dominate CRUSH
Downfall DEMISE
Downwind ALEE
Eerie ability ESP
Enchanted object in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ ROSE
Filing pros CPAS
French press alternative POUROVER
Future pyroclastic rock MAGMA
Good Grips kitchen brand OXO
Head of Parliament? LOO
Hero of Castile ELCID
Historical records ANNALS
Important woman in le Nouveau Testament MARIE
In addition ALSO
Clues Answers
IRS enforcer TMAN
Javier’s hand MANO
Keypad key ENTER
Labrador’s playtime quarry BALL
Last hour of the workday, seemingly EON
Longest river entirely in Washington YAKIMA
Lusty desire, slangily HOTS
Made an easy basket TIPPEDIN
Manchester mugful ALE
Mistrustful WARY
MoMA site NYC
More sensible SANER
Movie credits extras, sometimes BLOOPERS
Nonexistent, as chances of something happening NIL
Odometer increment TENTH
One may lead to a mate MOVE
Reply of feigned innocence WHOME
Rimpfischhorn, e.g ALP
Sensation after getting high? VERTIGO
Show since Oct. 1975 SNL
Stock holder? BARN
Suffix with colour ISE
Tale with scale EPIC
Tax lawyer’s find LOOPHOLE
The Summer Olympics are held in them LEAPYEARS
They’re tough to argue with FACTS
Traditional Hawaiian wedding dress MUUMUU
TV blocking device VCHIP
Unwrap impatiently TEAROPEN
USS Arizona Memorial location OAHU
Valley of the Queens setting EGYPT
Wave producers, at times FANS
White tunics ALBS
___-Wan Kenobi OBI