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Wall Street Journal – May 19 2022 – “A Little Advice” Crossword Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“The Hollow Men” poet ELIOT
100-centesimi currency LIRA
1989 Chicago Auto Show debut MIATA
Alternative to lanolin ALOE
Amorous archer EROS
Ape or parrot MIMIC
Applies USES
Arterial insert STENT
Bar on a train AXLE
Bath sprinkles TALCS
Belief system ISM
Bit of regalia ORB
Blow-dryer part HEATLEMENT
Bluegrass musician Molly TUTTLE
Brown, in a way SEAR
Business attire worn with knee-high socks BERMUDORTS
Cacti components SPINES
Campaign strategy SMEAR
Carnival city RIO
Carry TOTE
Cheer from the bleachers RAH
Colorful swimmers KOI
Computer’s brains, briefly CPU
Decepticons, e.g ROBOTS
Done up, say STYLED
Endor inhabitants EWOKS
Fallopian tube traveler OVUM
Follow the bears SELL
Furious MADELL
Grandfather clock numeral III
Hank with homers AARON
Hideout LAIR
Hypnotherapy target PHOBIA
Industrial cutter LASER
ISP that debuted with Windows 95 MSN
It’s cast, so they say THEDIE
Izumo Oyashiro faith SHO
Kennedy center ENS
Layered snacks OREOS
Light reading? EBOOK
Like many dad jokes CORNY
Mendes of “Training Day” EVA
Metaphorical daily grind RAT
Misinform LIETO
Mortgages, for example LIENS
Nation once known as Pleasant Island NAURU
Natl. Arts & Humanities Mo OCT
Neighborhood north of Canal Street SOHO
Not so much LESS
Numerical prefixes AREACODES
Opening GAP
Opposite of full NEW
Pendulum path ARC
Petting zoo favorite LAMB
Pinball machine features BUMPERS
Plan for sr. years IRA
Proverbial preventative STITCHIME
Recurring role for Anthony Hopkins ODIN
Representative group CONTNT
Responder to crashes TECH
Roberto Benigni’s “Life Is Beautiful” role GUIDO
Sahara slitherers ASPS
Set down PLACE
Sex ed subject CONTPTION
Sign of sorrow TEAR
Slotted containers, and a clue to four of this puzzle’s squares SUGGESTIONBOXES
Some deer ROES
Spot for a Pom LAP
Subject of a neighborhood poster LOSTDOG
Table payments ANTES
Tinseltown terrier ASTA
Toffee bar from Hershey SKOR
Understood GOT
USB connection PORT
Wise one SAGE