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Wall Street Journal – May 2 2018 – Key Figures

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Clues Answers
‘Adorbs!’ TOOCUTE
‘Calvin and Hobbes’ bully MOE
‘Close the door!’ BRR
‘Dinner’s ___!’ ONME
‘Fiddlesticks!’ HECK
‘Obviously!’ NODUH
At dinner for two, maybe ONADATE
Ballpark player? ORGAN
Band with the Grammy-winning ‘Wish’ INCHNAILS
Basketball Hall of Famer Dan ISSEL
Big seller, supposedly SEX
Blood-typing letters ABO
Brief scrutiny ONCEOVER
Brooklyn ballers NETS
But, to Brutus SED
Cab component METER
Captain in ‘The Caine Mutiny’ QUEEG
Cary of ‘The Princess Bride’ ELWES
Certain athletic shoes AVIAS
Current Kenyan president Kenyatta UHURU
Curry is popular here: Abbr NBA
Dark Chinese sauce HOISIN
Darth Vader’s assent to Darth Sidious YESMASTER
Deduction game QUESTIONS
Does soundtrack work DUBS
Donut store choice MAPLE
Goya’s naked subject MAJA
Having perfect posture ERECT
Hit drama about aging baby boomers SOMETHING
It may be blonde or brown ALE
Jazz legend Kenton STAN
Laudatory lines ODE
Leaving word ADIEU
Less distant NEARER
Military tribute GUNSALUTE
Mincemeat pie ingredient SUET
Clues Answers
Miniseries of 1977 and 2016 ROOTS
Morse click DIT
Movie mutt BENJI
Needs a hot bath ACHES
One of the few survivors in ‘Hamlet’ OSRIC
One who knows Bellini from Bizet OPERABUFF
Org. with a MonsterMind program NSA
Oscar nominee for 2017’s ‘The Florida Project’ DAFOE
Parasitic pest MITE
Parseltongue sound SSS
Procrastinator’s promise SOON
Put one’s nose to the grindstone TOIL
Receiving rooms PARLORS
Rent out LET
Results of not cutting it close? BEARDS
Rips apart RENDS
Road hazard ICE
Setting of many 1960s tours NAM
She won an Oscar as Loretta SISSY
Soccer superstar Hamm MIA
Sounds of disapproval TSKS
Start of Terpsichore TAU
Static INERT
Stock collection HERD
Storied toymaker ELF
Summons to a waitress OHMISS
The Buckeyes’ sch OSU
Titter TEHEE
Use a pestle MASH
Well-known round BLINDMICE
What might end the year, and a hint to five answers in this puzzle COUNTDOWN
Whitesmiths work with it TIN
Willing to try UPFOR
Withstood RESISTED
Yellow card issuer REF