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Wall Street Journal – May 2 2019 – Beginning French

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Clues Answers
‘A Bell for ___’ ADANO
‘Boo’d Up’ singer ___ Mai ELLA
‘CSI’ extras DOAS
‘Dark Lady’ singer CHER
‘Designing Women’ co-star POTTS
‘Down,’ in diner lingo ONTOAST
‘The Matrix’ role NEO
A home for a horse? UNSTABLE
Adam, Hoss and Little Joe on ‘Bonanza’? LESSONS
Arena cry OLE
Autocratic rule TSARISM
Before now AGO
Blind part SLAT
Brit’s undershirt VEST
Cave, often DEN
Contest submissions ENTRIES
Deposit makeup ORE
Double-check, as one’s figures RETOTAL
Electricity source DAM
Ending for opal ESCE
Extremely popular LOVED
Feudal lord LIEGE
Fine trawling gear? BONNETS
First word of many a limerick THERE
Flurries ADOS
Fork-tailed flyer TERN
From the top ANEW
Golden egg layer, to the giant? MONGOOSE
Golden Rule preposition UNTO
Good day to dye EASTER
Greedy cry MINE
Ham producer NOAH
Hybrid language PIDGIN
Illegal firing ARSON
Invoice addition FEE
Jockey wear SILKS
Leaves for lunch SALAD
Like some skates INLINE
Live and breathe ARE
Long, in Hawaiian LOA
Magazine contents AMMO
May neglect to NEEDNT
Mix flick OATER
Much of Mongolia GOBI
On the side of FOR
Orange-yellow hue APRICOT
Org. founded in Baghdad in 1960 OPEC
Patton of ‘A.P. Bio’ OSWALT
Pettersson of the Vancouver Canucks ELIAS
Player introduced in 2001 IPOD
Point DOT
Pot seeds? ANTES
Precarious places LEDGES
Pub order PINT
Pure Leaf competitor NESTEA
Purrfect Delicacies brand IAMS
Remove DOFF
Root used in energy drinks GINSENG
Salt cod, for one? SELFISH
Sanctions OKS
Screwdriver part ICE
Sitcom of the 2000s co-created by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith ALLOFUS
Slower on the uptake DENSER
Spot for a sweater SPA
Spots SEES
Streisand’s co-star in ‘The Prince of Tides’ NOLTE
Sufferer of distress, in tales DAMSEL
Sunscreen ingredient PABA
Tag line NOTIT
Talking-___ (reprimands) TOS
Villain on Crab Key DRNO
Waterfront properties? MERLOTS
Wild West MAE