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Wall Street Journal – May 2 2020 – The In Crowd – Puzzle Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Funeral Blues” poet AUDEN
“The Beverly Hillbillies” name ELLY
“___ the World” WEARE
1980s “Meet the Press” host Marvin KALB
Approx. numbers ESTS
Arcade flubs TILTS
Austin Powers’s nemesis on a camping trip? EVILINTENT
Badger in a club HECKLE
Bellyached BEEFED
Big battery DCELL
Birdie beater EAGLE
Bit of conversation SNATCH
Black & Decker rival SKIL
Boxers Muhammad and Laila ALIS
Broad valleys DALES
Brown, for one IVY
Carwash option WAX
Chain with MinuteClinics CVS
Check signer PAYER
Chemistry class model ATOM
City near Lake Tahoe RENO
Clear while on the road DEFOG
Clever ones WITS
Cornerstone abbr ESTAB
County of northern New Mexico TAOS
Covers in goo SLIMES
Cowboys quarterback for 14 years TONYROMO
Decreases gradually EBBS
Dickinson’s home AMHERST
Did some wishful thinking YEARNED
Dinner, say REPAST
Displays great pride BEAMS
Durable wood ELM
Dweller on Cayuga Lake ITHACAN
Elephant org GOP
Eucalyptus muncher KOALA
Evening, informally NITE
Exile of 1979 SHAH
FedEx rival UPS
Fire starter SPARK
Firefighters’ handfuls HOSES
First name in pharmaceuticals ELI
Fish found in Australia NEMO
Fitted to the bow, as an arrow NOCKED
Follower of a touchdown, perhaps LAYOVER
Form 1040 org IRS
Garlic unit CLOVE
Garment with straps BRA
Gas station with a torch logo AMOCO
George of “The Goldbergs” SEGAL
Get up ROUST
Good-natured sorts serving at a trial? SPORTSINJURY
Gucci rival ARMANI
Half of deca- PENTA
Hand, in Hidalgo MANO
Hero material SALAMI
Ice queen of films ELSA
Iced treat ECLAIR
Jealous goddess HERA
John Travolta’s “Welcome Back, Kotter” role VINNIE
Justice Dept. agency ATF
King of France ROI
Knight spot? CASTLE
Lab’s blood supply reducer FLEA
Laughable ASININE
Less alert SLEEPIER
Limerick features RHYMES
Little colonist ANT
Clues Answers
Maker of millions of bricks LEGO
Melon-flavored liqueur MIDORI
Merman’s place SEA
Missed the “Wet Varnish” sign on a bench? SATINFINISH
Mistake when typing a “Star Wars” name? SPACEINVADER
Name-tape inscription on a cleric’s robe? INITIALINVESTMENT
Negligent LAX
Ness, for one LOCH
Nook, e.g EREADER
Olympian’s no-no STEROID
Outfielder’s cry MINE
People SOULS
Period ERA
Peter Gunn’s girlfriend EDIE
Petition ASK
Piggy digs STY
Policy at some wedding bars and on some cruises NOTIPS
Pops PAS
Post with advice EMILY
Poster image for Lundgren’s bank heist flick? DOLPHINSAFE
Potassium hydroxide solution LYE
Primitive weapon SPEAR
Put down DEMEAN
Put in hot water, perhaps SCALD
QB’s blunder INT
Raucous flier CROW
Ready for a refill LOW
Recharge one’s batteries REST
Recording studio engineer’s mistake? MUFFINMIX
Relay needs BATONS
Ruby on screen DEE
Salon buy DYE
Saxophonist Beneke TEX
Scatter STREW
Secret meeting TRYST
Seismologist Charles RICHTER
Sister of Eos and Helios SELENE
Sister trio who sing “Now I’m in It” HAIM
Skyline features SPIRES
Slipped ERRED
Smelter supply ORE
Soldier Field squad BEARS
Song of praise PAEAN
Steal from one’s neighbors? ROBINHOOD
Stranded item PEARL
Take off HIE
Tarnish SULLY
Taron’s role in “Rocketman” ELTON
Taylor-Joy of 2020’s “Emma” ANYA
Tops of mountains? SKICAPS
Tourists, in Hawaii HAOLES
Transports with treads SNOCATS
Trouble for an intelligence agency LEAK
Turndown REFUSAL
Twang source BANJO
Twiggy digs NEST
Under the influence? SWAYED
Unusual RARE
Unwanted inbox fill SPAM
Victim of Pizarro INCA
Wanton look LEER
Washroom fixture TOILET
What “Land ho!” often indicates? KEYINSIGHT
Winds down ENDS
Word of encouragement OLE
Yank’s foe REB
Yodeler’s perch ALP
Zodiac animal RAM