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Wall Street Journal – May 20 2019 – Stockholders

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Clues Answers
‘Means nothing to me’ DONTCARE
Abbr. on a bank statement ACCT
Ancestral home OLDCOUNTRY
Area of London or Manhattan SOHO
Be a sponge MOOCH
Be deserving RATE
Bullfight beast TORO
Bullfight cries OLES
Ceremony RITE
Chance for a hit ATBAT
Clothing, informally DUDS
Commerce secretary since 2017 WILBURROSS
Cooks by direct heat BROILS
Crusading environmentalist ECOWARRIOR
Custard dessert FLAN
Decade divisions YEARS
Decisive defeat ROUT
Deliver an address ORATE
Dogpatch fellow ABNER
Entices TEMPTS
Equip RIG
Filling completely SATING
First appearances DEBUTS
Function of a faucet insert AERATION
Game spot ARENA
Geographer’s book ATLAS
Go astray ERR
Guard dog’s activity SNARLING
Gullet CRAW
Head to Tahiti, say SAILAWAY
Luke’s mentor YODA
Meat-stamping org USDA
Michael of ‘Arrested Development’ CERA
Musical measure BAR
Napoleon’s exile site ELBA
Noted art deco designer ERTE
Opposed to ANTI
Oscar winner for ‘Ghost’ WHOOPIGOLDBERG
Paperless exam ORAL
Peach center PIT
Pedicure target CALLUS
Piston connector ROD
Pitch TILT
Pol-supporting org PAC
Profound DEEP
Proton’s place ATOM
Remain cheerful in the face of adversity BEARUP
Rhode Island resort city NEWPORT
Rich cakes TORTES
River of Russia URAL
School near the Thames ETON
Seeker of redress PETITIONER
Sibilant summons PSST
Silent approval NOD
Skimpy swimwear THONG
Slows down RETARDS
Sorceress of Greek myth MEDEA
Speaker’s place DAIS
Spots for stethoscopes EARS
Squelch SITON
Steel ingredient IRON
Strong taste TANG
Super Bowl champs in 2007 COLTS
Tasty nibble MORSEL
Tissue layer PLY
Transmitted SENT
Uncertainty about whether something is right or wrong MORALAMBIGUITY
Veil material LACE
Words to live by MOTTO