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Wall Street Journal – May 22 2018 – Rollbacks

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Clues Answers
‘…and the rest’ ETC
‘…but maybe that’s wrong’ ORNOT
‘Blade’ star SNIPES
*Conductor’s cry ALLABOARD
*Haagen-Dazs flavor VanillaBean
*Much construction work MANUALLABOR
*Testing site MEDICALLAB
Asthmatic’s help INHALER
Bowling alley device, and a hint to the hidden word in each starred answer BALLRETURN
California county with many wineries SONOMA
Calls for NEEDS
Characters in a popular PC game SIMS
Climber’s piton, e.g SPIKE
Colorful pond fish KOI
Couch potato’s problem INERTIA
Court legend Andre AGASSI
Court legend Arthur ASHE
Cream puffs’ cousins ECLAIRS
Crop’s kin WHIP
Curtain hanger ROD
Designer Jacobs MARC
Die down SUBSIDE
Divisible by two EVEN
Egg holder NEST
Enticed LURED
Escalator part STEP
Excavated stuff ORE
Expert MAVEN
Froot Loops toucan mascot SAM
Glittery rock genre GLAM
Gloomy aura PALL
Go off-script ADLIB
Grandpa Simpson ABE
Green shampoo PRELL
Hits the jackpot WINSBIG
Jazz great Horne LENA
Jazzes (up) PEPS
Kids’ modeling medium PLAYDOH
Clues Answers
Killer whale ORCA
Kimono securer OBI
Lithium-___ battery ION
Lysol target GERM
Mogadishu native SOMALI
New Haven collegians ELIS
Nonmetallic solid element BORON
Noted tablet site MTSINAI
One more than septa- OCTA
Org. whose work is assisted by many volunteer attorneys ACLU
Park measure ACRE
Physics amount MASS
Pickling solutions BRINES
Pizza margherita herb BASIL
Potters’ materials CLAYS
Prime Minister Modi’s nation INDIA
Provocative opinion piece HOTTAKE
Red-and-blue graphic on election night USMAP
Sac fly result RBI
Self-assembly furniture chain IKEA
Self-congratulatory boast IRULE
Senator’s hire AIDE
Show place? STAGE
Showed again RERAN
Sites of some wrecks SEABEDS
Snockered OILED
Sore ankle applications ICEBAGS
Spot for a Windsor knot TIE
They may be drawn at night BLINDS
Totally destroy RUIN
Ugandan dictator Amin IDI
Utmost degree NTH
Vacation island near Java BALI
Very long period EON
Washington’s bill ONE
Went unused SAT
Wrapped up OVER
___ Valley (Reagan Library site) SIMI