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Wall Street Journal – May 22 2019 – Kudos

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Clues Answers
‘Always Comfortable’ brand SERTA
‘You must let me!’ IGOTTA
2008 TARP recipient AIG
2019 film role for Will Smith GENIE
Agreeable NICE
Ancient element AETHER
Attack SETAT
Babe or Wilbur, by story’s finish PETPIG
Balletic bend PLIE
Ballplayer with a star insignia ASTRO
Big gulp CHUG
Big ___ (nickname of baseball’s David Ortiz) PAPI
Brass container? PENTAGON
Break off END
Bride in ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ TOULA
Bronte protagonist EYRE
Coastal Maine (hint, hint!) DOWNEAST
College sr.’s test GRE
Contacts through channels SENDSWORD
Cremains container URN
Discipline requiring harmony of yin and yang TAICHI
Diva delivery ARIA
Doohickey GADGET
Dryads, e.g TREEGODS
Dryly funny DROLL
Dwight’s two-time challenger ADLAI
Early milestone AGEONE
Exploring Latina DORA
Forgo a trial SETTLE
Furrier’s stock PELTS
Galley item OAR
Go a-courting? SUE
Heavy outerwear GREATCOAT
Idyllic areas EDENS
Like silk with a moire pattern WATERED
Many flower girls NIECES
More faithful TRUER
Name on the ‘Little Boy’ bomber ENOLA
Natatorium features POOLS
Object of worship IDOL
Obliged a 21-Down WISHED
Ocular membrane IRIS
Official order DECREE
Old gold coin DUCAT
Philosopher Kierkegaard SOREN
Play group CAST
Private school since 1440 ETON
QB stat TDS
Red ___ (spicy candies) HOTS
Requiring a lot of attention NEEDY
Result of a deal HAND
Roast spot OVEN
S&L offerings CDS
Sen. Klobuchar’s state MINN
Shenanigans ANTICS
Shows contempt SNEERS
Singer DiFranco ANI
Sloping (hint, hint!) ATASLANT
Sod buster HOE
Some kind of nerve? OPTIC
Storage story ATTIC
Subject TOPIC
Supremes hit ‘Back ___ Arms Again’ INMY
Sure to get INFOR
Third qtr. concluder SEP
Trifling MERE
Twiggy, as of 2019 DAME
With 54-Across, how to read this puzzle’s secret message TOPTOBOTTOM
Without care SLOPPILY
You can’t take them with you ESTATES
Yukon producer GMC