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Wall Street Journal – May 23 2018 – Web Pages

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Clues Answers
‘100 Years…100 Movies’ org AFI
‘Consider the matter handled’ ONIT
‘Splendor in the Grass’ screenwriter INGE
40-Down staple POI
Argued against REBUTTED
Blackjack component ACE
Cap on article downloads from an online current events magazine? TIMELIMIT
Carte start ALA
Cash left on the table TIP
Celeb gossip show that looks related to this puzzle’s theme (but isn’t) ENEWS
Classic muscle cars GTOS
Commercial realty agreement NETLEASE
Copier complication JAM
Counting-off start EENIE
Cut down SLEW
Diva delivery TRILL
Down SAD
Elizabeth of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ OLSEN
Elliptical machine exercise CARDIO
Exam for future J.D.s LSAT
Eye up and down OGLE
Fair features RIDES
Fans, say COOLS
Feed from an online multicultural magazine? JETSTREAM
Feeling a workout SORE
Fingerprint feature ARCH
Fork over CEDE
Former Indiana Pacer Smits RIK
Forthcoming feature of an online celebrity magazine? PEOPLEWILLTALK
Guidebook features MAPS
Hall of Famers, say GREATS
Happening, to Holmes AFOOT
Highest peak in Ore MTHOOD
Hitching hope LIFT
Host of radio’s ‘The $64 Question’ PAAR
Clues Answers
Is for Isabella ESTA
Island gathering LUAU
It’s a matter of degrees ANGLE
Kinshasa’s river CONGO
Let go AXED
Lively one SPITFIRE
Meryl’s ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ co-star CLINT
One might hold a dog BUN
Opera set on Cyprus OTELLO
Passing levy ESTATETAX
Pharmacist Lilly ELI
Picnic side SLAW
Porch on, er, Maui LANAI
Port authorities VINTNERS
Put in motion ACTUATE
Put up ERECT
Puts on a pedestal DEIFIES
Quarreling ATIT
Radio switch AMFM
Related TOLD
Reproachful sound TUT
Rooney of ‘Carol’ MARA
Run-down SEEDY
Scared into submission COWED
See-through sheet PANE
Sgt.’s superior CAPT
Spanish national hero ELCID
They last for days WEEKS
Tough nut to crack ENIGMA
Trackers from an online business magazine? FORTUNECOOKIES
Trendy superfruit ACAI
Veil material TULLE
Wrinkle fighter FACECREAM