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Wall Street Journal – May 23 2019 – Alternate Rts

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Clues Answers
‘So that’s your little game!’ OHO
Avignon assents OUIS
Base of el sistema binario DOS
Bearded beast GNU
Besmirch SOIL
Biblical prophet of doom HOSEA
Bibliography books SOURCES
Black Hawk War participants UTES
Bronzed sailor’s pride? TARTAN
California’s ___ Beach PISMO
Chilly temperatures TEENS
Chromosome contents DNA, GENES
Clothing label warning IRR
Come together GEL
Correct neckwear? PROPERTIES
Dance party RAVE
Dawn drops DEW
Designer of over 240 Harper’s Bazaar covers ERTE
Did a hog imitation GRUNTED
Distinctive character AURA
Do some inept metalworking? MARTIN
Does some gerrymandering REDISTRICTS
Expenses OUTGOES
Famous publicist? STARTOUT
Feel like there must be an extra instrument in that nonet recording? HEARTEN
Hard question POSER
Hawke in Hollywood ETHAN
He supplied lyrics for George’s music IRA
Hems in BESETS
Henry VIII’s final Catherine PARR
Impertinence SASS
Infant’s father DADA
Its last episode aired September 27, 2015 CSI
Kittenish FLIRTY
Kong and kin APES
Large amount TON
Logical thinker RATIONALIST
Lower in the country COW
Majestic, or maned LEONINE
Man in a monkey suit SCOPES
Medical privacy law, for short HIPAA
Military address SIR
Nuances of automotive design? CARTOUCHES
On fire LIT
One might have a cover SPY
Oscar-winning role for Sissy LORETTA
Paper tiger, perhaps ORIGAMI
Park in New York, e.g AVENUE
Perp’s prey, on cop shows VIC
Piehole TRAP
Pretentious, or phonetically the two letters that get separated in this puzzle’s theme ARTY
Profoundly ambivalent TORN
Public pool, in Britain LIDO
Pupil’s place IRIS
Reach across SPAN
Refines rocks SMELTS
Refuse contemptuously SPURN
Shiny silicate mineral MICA
Shot from Sharapova SMASH
Sister of Luna and Sol AURORA
Site of Interpol’s headquarters LYONS
Snooker cue wood ASH
Soldier of fortune, for short MERC
Somewhat, on scores POCO
Take in EAT
Their blades measure about 36 inches EPEES
They get left behind ESTATES
They wag just like those of purebred dogs! CURTAILS
Thought IDEA
Took notice SATUP
Voluntary player ORGAN
Wetland FEN
Winning team in the Black Sox Scandal REDS
Word with bag or bar GRAB
Workbench attachment VISE