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Wall Street Journal – May 24 2018 – Stealth Mode

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Clues Answers
#StarringJohnCho, e.g HASHTAG
‘Ain’t She Sweet?’ composer AGER
‘As I see it…’ IMO
‘James and the Giant Peach’ author DAHL
‘Rumble Fish’ author HINTON
‘Scheherazade’ setting HAREM
‘Short summary’ or ‘free gift,’ e.g TAUTOLOGY
‘West Point of the South,’ for short VMI
‘When We Were Very Young’ poet AAMILNE
*’The nerve!’ elicitor GALLOPS
*Brilliant stratagem COOPSUP
*iPad, e.g TABLETOPS
*Mouthful of tobacco CHOPSAW
*Pioneering video game POPSONG
According to PER
Appropriate SEIZE
Arby’s offering GYRO
Arya Stark’s father NED
Base for borscht BEETS
Breather LUNG
Call from behind closed doors ITSME
Clandestine activity, and a hint to answering the starred clues COVERTOPS
Comes across as SEEMS
Common logic gate NOR
Cousin of Gomez ITT
Creator of stories LIAR
Door fastener HASP
Email address part ATSIGN
Famed Parisian theater ODEON
Fifth in a series of twelve MAY
First-class PRIMO
Get biblical on SMITE
High muck-a-muck MRBIG
Ingrediente de chili CARNE
Ink cartridge color CYAN
Islamic leaders CALIPHS
It might get you into deep water YACHT
Katana part HILT
Clues Answers
Kid’s cry MAA
Make an awe-inspiring dunk? BAPTIZE
Man in the corner ROOK
Man’s genus HOMO
Many a ‘Brady Bunch’ character SIB
Many a Rwandan HUTU
Matches AGREES
MGM founder LOEW
Mob bosses CAPOS
Mole’s place SKIN
Morse code bit DIT
Noteworthy eras EPOCHS
One working around diamonds BATBOY
Pack members, in brief CIGS
Packed indication SRO
Paint finish SATIN
Passive protest SITIN
Phileas Fogg’s heading EAST
Player’s gutsy declaration ALLIN
Pocket full of food PITA
Prayer leader IMAM
Product sold with the Magic Keyboard IMAC
Put out EMIT
Readily available ONTAP
Reuben Award-winning cartoonist Roz CHAST
Revealing utterance TADA
Sacred chests ARKS
Senate leader WHIP
Shares an email with CCS
Skateboarder’s jump OLLIE
Spot remover, of a sort ADBLOCKER
They get chalked up by hustlers TIPS
Trade a few blows SPAR
Trapped like Katniss in ‘The Hunger Games’ TREED
Trouble AIL
Warren Moon, for about a decade OILER
When single NEE
Where boxers get exercise DOGRUN
World Heritage Site in Jordan PETRA