Wall Street Journal – May 25 2022 – “Cross Reference” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Just kidding!” NOT
“My treat” ITSONME
“The Content of Our Character” author Shelby STEELE
“Wow!” in texts OMG
“___ the season…” TIS
1986 sequel directed by James Cameron ALIENS
Address for the headmaster SIR
Anomalous ODD
Art from a folder ORIGAMI
Assemble 52-Down? AMENDMENT
Backside REAR
Bar topic LAW
Beanstalk, e.g STEM
Beat to a pulp MASH
Big cheese BOSS
Big name in taco shells ORTEGA
Bistro buy MEAL
Cariou of “Sweeney Todd” LEN
Carnaval site RIO
Caught sight of SEEN
Cleopatra biter ASP
Clod ASS
Cold spells ICEAGES
Concoct 28-Down? DOCTORATE
Cousin of Gomez Addams ITT
Crab or lobster, e.g DECAPOD
Craving YEN
Crumpet chaser TEA
Danny Aiello’s “Do the Right Thing” role SAL
Destruction by environmental extremists ECOTAGE
Dresses down SCOLDS
Earlier AGO
Einstein’s German birthplace ULM
Film genre ACTION
Flight suit acronym NASA
Fly that’s caught POPOUT
Generate 45-Down? ALTERCATION
Gucci Mane’s specialty RAP
Gymnast Sunisa LEE
Hardly exciting BLAH
Have mercy, perhaps GOEASY
Head of the brewery? FOAM
High craggy hill TOR
Hospital unit BED
Ill humor BILE
IRS agents TMEN
Kitchen gadget PEELER
Leave black-and-blue CONTUSE
Like cell coverage in remote areas SPOTTY
Literary governess EYRE
Luminous circle HALO
Make 26-Down? REFORMING
Make a decision OPT
Mark of perfection TEN
Nose bag bit OAT
Not particularly exciting TAME
Off-road wheels, for short ATV
Old newspaper photo section ROTO
Once around the track LAP
Open, say BID
Organizer of a sch. fair PTA
Priestly garment ALB
Private eye’s focus CASE
Produce 13-Down? CONVERTIBLE
Reed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame LOU
Scrape souvenir SCAB
Shepherd of “Dish Nation” SHERRI
Skilled in GOODAT
Some farms DAIRIES
Spirit flavored with juniper berries GIN
Store convenience ATM
Stripling LAD
Take the plunge WED
Three-dimensional SPATIAL
Wyoming range TETONS

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