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Wall Street Journal – May 28 2019 – Points of Purchase

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Clues Answers
‘Becoming’ author Michelle OBAMA
‘Bye Bye Bye’ group NSYNC
‘Count me in!’ IDLOVETO
‘I Ching’ path TAO
‘My Fair Lady’ composer LOEWE
‘My Gal’ of song SAL
‘Profiles in Courage’ author KENNEDY
‘Well, I never!’ THENERVE
‘Wouldn’t that be nice!’ IWISH
‘You got it!’ CANDO
Amazon biz ETAIL
Approx. number EST
Aquamarine or amethyst GEM
Babar the Elephant’s queen CELESTE
Breezy farewell TATA
Cal. column THURS
Car freshener scent PINE
Cries of insight EUREKAS
Deltas’ preceders GAMMAS
Dennings of ‘Thor’ KAT
Disney villain with a snake-headed staff JAFAR
Dodgers legend Hodges GIL
Donald’s first wife IVANA
Ease up ABATE
Emulate Kimmie Meissner SKATE
Exorbitant STEEP
Express a view OPINE
Extend credit LEND
First-time player of an online game NOOB
Florida-to-Maine hwy USONE
Fondue cheese GOUDA
Four-time Indy 500 winner A.J FOYT
Green Gables girl ANNE
Green prefix ECO
Hammer’s target NAIL
Heed a bear SELL
High school subj ENG
Hit sharply SWAT
Home of the Indians ASIA
Like some breakups and dorm rooms MESSY
Manage HELM
March 15, for example IDES
Misprint, e.g ERROR
Mongol ruler KHAN
Mueller was its sixth dir FBI
Muscle twitch SPASM
North Carolina’s first female senator DOLE
Ore test ASSAY
Org. with 1040 forms IRS
Overly proper PRIM
Petal supporters SEPALS
Place catering to the left and right of center? TACKLESHOP
Place that might help you on your watch? SECONDHANDSTORE
Place that really plugs its products? OUTLETMALL
Place to get a little bite? FLEAMARKET
Place whose products are on sail? JUNKDEALER
Primatologist Goodall JANE
Put a stop to CEASE
Release LETGO
Sigma’s successor TAU
Singer-songwriter Lisa LOEB
Social group CASTE
Some short trunks SPEEDOS
Spanish greeting HOLA
Stand-up engagements GIGS
Stretch of land TRACT
Swift poke JAB
Tape deck button REC
They have six faces CUBES
Totaled, costwise RANTO
Turn on the waterworks BAWL
Unpaid carpenter ANT
Video surveillance, briefly CCTV
Violinist Stern ISAAC
Young fellow LAD
___ a soul (nobody) NARY