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Wall Street Journal – May 29 2018 – Chopping Spree

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Clues Answers
‘It’s ___!’ (crook’s cry) ATRAP
‘Vive ___!’ LEROI
According to PER
Aid for a maid DUSTPAN
Alan of ‘Argo’ ARKIN
Allude REFER
Alternative to plastic CASH
Back, on a battleship AFT
Baltimore newspaper SUN
Became firmer TONEDUP
Biscotti flavoring ANISE
Cafeteria aid TRAY
Choppers TEETH
Christian with clothing DIOR
Classroom fixtures DESKS
Close-fitting SNUG
Country music? ANTHEM
Crackleware coating GLAZE
Daily rise and fall TIDE
Did a shoe store task LACED
Disagreeable NASTY
Gives a hoot CARES
Gradient SLOPE
Hardly stringent LAX
High-end camera SLR
In the style of ALA
Informed TOLD
Intelligence pro SPY
James in both the Rock and Roll and Blues halls of fame ETTA
Landlord’s collections RENTS
Last letter ZEE
Leisurely EASY
Lennon’s love ONO
Like some warships ARMORCLAD

Clues Answers
Lone Star State capital AUSTIN
Lunchbox closure CLASP
Make blank ERASE
Mine extraction ORE
Mint family herb BASIL
Music’s Lena HORNE
Night spot BED
On this spot HERE
Paparazzi target CELEB
Perfumery product SCENT
Pioneering automaker Ransom OLDS
Pitcher’s stat ERA
Racing’s Earnhardt DALE
Reached a peak, with ‘out’ MAXED
Sax type ALTO
Scoffing sound SNORT
Simple question type YESNO
Slip up ERR
Slow and stately LARGO
Smoked salmon LOX
Some museum workers RESTORERS
Speckled horse ROAN
Sprang LEAPT
Stage comment ASIDE
Steer clear of ELUDE
Stoolie RAT
Student’s papers ESSAYS
Swedes’ neighbors DANES
Synthetic fabric ORLON
Talk idly NATTER
Tea in China CHA
They may be weighed against pros CONS
Thick juice NECTAR
Violin great Itzhak PERLMAN
Western, facetiously OATER
Wheat whackers SCYTHES
Wolfish activity OGLING
Work whose second edition contains 59 million wds OED