Wall Street Journal – May 3 2018 – Down in Front!

Clues Answers
‘Argo’ org CIA
‘Force Behind the Forces’ org USO
‘Let me think…’ WELL
‘This is a fun ride!’ WHEE
‘Visions of sugarplums’ poet MOORE
Act petulant POUT
Alexa alternative SIRI
Barker in black-and-white movies ASTA
Bartender aboard the Pacific Princess ISAAC
Best friend of 1-Across GAYLE
Big conduits MAINS
Brother of Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George and Ginny RON
Cathedral area APSE
Cost of quarters RENT
Couleur d’une tomate ROUGE
Critic’s concern ART
Distinctive flair ELAN
Does some safe work? ROBSABANK
Eagle of the Muppets SAM
Early outcast ADAM
Envelope abbr ATTN
Estates for the elite VILLAS
Even numbers? TIE
Fastidious golf course groundskeeper’s pride? SUBLIMEGREEN
Fellow who annoyingly sends lots of unsolicited manuscripts? SUBMISSIONCREEP
Fill-in-the-blanks party game MADLIBS
Fine, say PENALTY
Flea market unit STALL
Folder fillers EMAILS
Former JFK lander TWA
Grill glowers COALS
Ground breakers HOES
Hitchcock film set at a Cornwall estate REBECCA
Inquisition target HERETIC
It’s just over a foot ANKLE
Clues Answers
Items of interest DEBTS
Join hands? CLAP
Jumping chess pcs KTS
Lady Grantham’s first name CORA
Le Cordon Bleu focus CUISINE
Like some divorces MESSY
Lodovico labels him a ‘hellish villain’ IAGO
Louver piece SLAT
Many CEOs hold them MBAS
Mass producer? PRIEST
Miff IRK
More than -er EST
Olympic Stadium squad, a while back EXPOS
Oscar-winning song written by Keith Carradine IMEASY
Packing unit when moving into another’s apartment? SUBLETTERBOX
Pathetic turnout NOONE
Perplexed ATSEA
Pocket protector? MISER
Poets’ competition SLAM
Prepares to strike COILS
Reacted to a full moon, perhaps BAYED
Rehab candidate USER
Russian city close to the Kazakhstan border OMSK
Sensory spot NERVEEND
She co-starred with Whoopi in ‘The Color Purple’ OPRAH
Smiles from successful arithmetic students? SUBTRACTORBEAMS
Soak up SOP
Solid side FACE
They might be worn with poodle skirts BOBBYSOX
Tickle AMUSE
Tribe of ancient Italy SABINES
Try to hit AIMAT
Unspoiled spot EDEN
Woodland revelers FAUNS
___ publica (the state) RES

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