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Wall Street Journal – May 30 2018 – Inner Nerd

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Clues Answers
‘Knock it off!’ STOP
‘Look what I just did!’ TADA
‘That makes sense’ ISEE
‘Westworld’ network HBO
‘Without a doubt!’ YESINDEED
Author known for macabre tales POE
Bakers, on occasion ICERS
Book with Numbers BIBLE
Bratty talk SASS
Cabin components LOGS
Circus segments ACTS
Court pledge OATH
Dachshunds, casually WIENERDOGS
Decreased? IRONED
Diamonds in the sky KITES
Eggy drink NOG
ESPN tidbit STAT
Folk singer Guthrie ARLO
Gerund, e.g NOUN
GI on the run AWOL
Glasgow gal LASSIE
Go (for) OPT
Go in different directions PART
Grabbed a snack ATE
Hard kick BOOT
Harry and Hermione’s friend RON
Homer’s language GREEK
Huffy state SNIT
Instrument panel sight GAUGE
It passes over the heart AORTA
Its highest closing record is 26,616.71 DOW
Knoxville-to-Phila. heading ENE
Like lemon meringue pie TART
Like Mr. Hyde EVIL
Make even TIE
Many a Little League rooter DAD

Clues Answers
MapQuest line ROUTE
Moon mission APOLLO
Moralistic sort PRUDE
More desperate DIRER
Morning tea, for many RITUAL
Neighborhood pharmacy CORNERDRUGSTORE
Objective END
Otherworldly radiance AURA
Overriding idea THEME
Pain in the neck DRAG
Personal preferences TASTES
Playground retort ARESO
Poetic tribute ODE
Political convention venue ARENA
Predatory whale ORCA
Provide one’s fair share ANTEUP
Provide one’s fair share PAYIN
QVC alternative HSN
Red or blue state? MOOD
Removes from power OUSTS
Result of an eHarmony match, perhaps DINNERDATE
Skateboarder’s protection PADS
Skirt for Pavlova TUTU
Slimy gunk GOO
Starfleet Command setting EARTH
Subtracting LESS
Teakettle feature SPOUT
The speaker may call for one HOUSEVOTE
Try the bunny slope SKI
Uncanny ODD
Underwriter’s concern RISK
Unforested plain STEPPE
Value Meal beverage COLA
Volvo rival, once SAAB
Waldorf salad bit WALNUT
Where cranberries grow BOG
Words with discount or disadvantage ATA