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Wall Street Journal – May 4 2019 – Uh-Oh!

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Clues Answers
‘At Seventeen’ singer Janis IAN
‘Death in Venice’ author MANN
‘thirtysomething’ actor KENOLIN
Act of contrition PENANCE
Advance amount ANTE
At ___ time (prearranged) ASET
Author of the 19th century’s best-selling novel STOWE
Bad-mouths SNIPESAT
Bathes in light SHINESON
Behaves in accordance with OBEYS
Bounce OUST
Braves’ div NLE
Braves’ org MLB
Braves, on scorecards ATL
British singer Rita ORA
Cacophony DIN
Caffeinated aspirin brand ANACIN
Centurion, e.g ROMAN
Cheese dish FONDUE
Chewable stimulant of Arabia QAT
Circumference sections ARCS
Coin collector? QUARTERNUT
Comes down RAINS
Commits perjury LIES
Competitive sorts TYPEAS
Corp. heads CEOS
Cover story? ALIBI
Cut at a slant BEVEL
Cuts off ENDS
Darlings, slangily BAES
Department of Labor div OSHA
Dijon denial NON
Disgruntled feeling PIQUE
Do some bridge work DEAL
Don on the radio IMUS
Downloadable ditty RINGTONE
Egyptian boy king TUT
Email address part DOT
Endodontic procedures ROOTCANALS
Evaluate RATE
Fill with fear SCARE
Film genre NOIR
Fragrant compound ESTER
Galoot APE
Get to work on Time EDIT
Get-rid-of-your-cards card game UNO
Gillen of ‘Game of Thrones’ AIDAN
Going to court? WOOING
Gut-busting HILARIOUS
Hayfield work BALING
Head count at a convent? NUNQUANTITY
Heat-and-serve, perhaps PREBAKED
Henhouse division? CLUCKROOM
Heroic Hale NATHAN
Hindu honorifics SRIS
Insult SLUR
It’s not right LEFT
Jacques of song FRERE
Jump over OMIT
Keyboard key BACKSPACE
Let go CAN
Life of the party? FUNCOMPANY
Like some scallops SEARED
Loosen UNDO
Lovely, in Lima BONITA
Made one WED
Madison Avenue award CLIO
Manilow maiden LOLA
Many posters ADS
Marathon LONG
Media attention INK
Mex. miss SRTA
Missed ___ (blew one’s entrance) ACUE
Mont. neighbor SASK
Most pleasing SWEETEST
Moving performers? TROUPE
Mugging, say EMOTING
Neighbor of Homer and Marge NED
One might be pitched in a field CAMP
One wearing very little clothing? DOLL
Paramecium movers CILIA
Place for a nap COT
Practicing pros DOCS
Prepare beans and peas for eating? HULLFOODS
Pricey hors d’oeuvres toppers ROES
Print measures EMS
Prison employee who’s verbally assailed by inmates? CUSSEDGUARD
Raiders’ org FBI
Reacted to a gut-buster HOWLED
Really enjoyed DUG
Regular, once LEADED
Routine NORMAL
Ruined SHOT
Ruler until 1917 TSAR
Ryan and Tatum ONEALS
Sei diviso due TRE
Serving of corn EAR
Singing bit LALA
Slightly ASHADE
Smoothie berry ACAI
Snoop PRY
Soak up ABSORB
Son of Prince Valiant ARN
Speaks clearly ENUNCIATES
Spilled the beans TOLDALL
Staff rewards RAISES
Stalls near stacks CARRELS
Stephen of ‘The Crying Game’ REA
Studio stock REELS
Swelling BULGE
Sword handles HILTS
Taxi rtes STS
Thought IDEA
Time in history AGE
Tortellini topping SAUCE
Touch of color TINCT
Toupee maker’s before-and-after portfolio? RUGSGALLERY
Toward sunrise EAST
Trenchant quality EDGE
Tweezing target UNIBROW
Upholstery fabric DAMASK
Vacationing, perhaps ONATRIP
Very rich LUSH
Vintage designation YEAR
Was rude, in a way STARED
Wears away ERODES
Weigh station waiter SEMI
What cowboys do when they can’t remember the lyrics? HUMONTHERANGE
What new Starbucks employees develop? CUPPINGSKILLS
Words to Brutus ETTU
Worthy of judicial review TRIABLE
Writers Nellie and Robert BLYS
Young fellow LAD
Zest source RIND