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Wall Street Journal – May 5 2020 – I Repeat – Puzzle Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Ditto!” (and a hint to what’s in the grid-spanning answers) METOO
“No Scrubs” girl group TLC
1979 Sigourney Weaver film ALIEN
Always EVER
Angus and Wagyu, e.g BEEFCATTLE
Binary base TWO
Bro’s sib SIS
Carpenter’s collection SAWS
Cerise kin ROSE
Chamber within a glacier ICECAVE
Chaplin prop CANE
Climbing plant with fragrant flowers SWEETPEA
Cordial WARM
Deuce topper TREY
Earth Day month APRIL
Emmy winner Thompson SADA
Emulate Lindsey Vonn SKI
Exorcism target DEMON
Factor of a prime number ONE
Flood preventer DIKE
Footnote abbr IBID
From, in Frankfurt VON
Gambling figures ODDS
Game with a 32-card deck SKAT
Gender-specific pronoun HER
Georgia senator Loeffler KELLY
Give an address SPEAK
Good fighter? EVIL
Grains used in baking SALT
Greetings to new subscribers WELCOMEMESSAGES
Gum masses WADS
Had been WERE
Hook henchman SMEE
In a frenzy AMOK
Incite GOAD
Is a partner in crime ABETS
It rings in the new year in London BIGBEN
Lunar disappearance MOONSET
Moore of “Ghost” DEMI
Moreover ALSO
Nincompoop SCHMO
Org. for doctors AMA
Pam Tillis’s pop MEL
Photographer’s request SMILE
Pig out GORGE
Pizza seasoning OREGANO
Police dispatcher’s acronym BOLO
Professional grp ASSN
Put on the payroll HIRE
Radiate EMIT
Ran a tab OWED
RBI or ERA, e.g STAT
Recipe direction STIR
Restoration-era actress Gwyn NELL
Rudiments of a subject ABCS
Scare off DETER
Second son ABEL
Sharp nail CLAW
Ship-to-ship call AHOY
Sidestep EVADE
Soccer setting ARENA
Sock end TOE
Source of an orchestra’s tuning note OBOE
Spaniel breed COCKER
Spot buyer SPONSOR
Texter’s “Wow!” OMG
The Cavaliers’ sch UVA
They never need to renew LIFETIMEMEMBERS
Trickster of Norse myth LOKI
Truth twister LIAR
Voters since 1920 WOMEN
Wall cover IVY
What desperate situations call for EXTREMEMEASURES