Wall Street Journal – May 5 2022 – Speech Bubbles Crossword Answers

Wall Street Journal – May 5 2022 – Speech Bubbles

Clues Answers
“Away, then, my dearest, O! ___ thee away”: Poe HIE
“Imagine that” WHADDAYNOW
“Shtick” or “schlep,” e.g YIDDISM
“Take that!” BOOYAH
“You think I’m to blame?” MOI
19th of 24 letters TAU
Academy leader PLATO
Ace, e.g AVIATOR
Apt. coolers ACS
Austrian painter Schiele EGON
Babe HON
Barrett of Pink Floyd SYD
Bird with stumpy wings DODO
Birthstone after sapphire OPAL
BOLO equivalent APB
Brown, for one IVY
Capital on the Horn of Africa MOGADU
Casarosa who directed Pixar’s “Luca” ENRICO
Crack TRY
Created a no-fly zone? SWATTED
Decreases temporarily DIPS
Dirty digs STY
Doja Cat specialty RAP
Drink made from almonds, rice or tiger nuts HORCA
Female lifestyle website POPSUGAR
Fluctuate SEESAW
Focus of an athlete’s MRI ACL
Follow TAIL
Fusilli, essentially SPIRALS
Historian’s focus PAST
Hunter in the sky ORION
Imperfect release BETA
Indian lentil stew DAL
Is too fearful to DARESNOT
Limited (to) SCOPED
Live for, as drama FEEDON
Clues Answers
Marinated-and-grilled entree TERIYI
Miffed state SNIT
Mil. bunch GIS
Mountain nymph OREAD
NFL scores TDS
Not many ACOUPLE
One of two on a deuce PIP
Onetime MGM rival RKO
Overall INTOTO
Party pleasantries, and a hint to this puzzle’s “bubbles” SMALLTALK
Pasta box specification ALDENTE
Poorly ILL
Recipient of a cheek pinch CUTIE
Risked a ticket SPED
Scarlett’s home TARA
Set up camp PITCENT
Sixth of a fl. oz TSP
Smidgen IOTA
Soap ingredient LYE
Some are used for pie crusts OREOS
Sources of fear BUGOOS
Special effects letters CGI
Spot to jot PAD
Superlative STELLAR
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Take on HIRE
Taken place GONEON
They get people in the door IDCARDS
They lead to different domains URLS
Toyota named for a flower part COROLLA
Transition area between two biological communities ECOTONE
Tricksy SLY
Universal donor type, in brief ONEG
Unseen villain in “Fiddler on the Roof” TSAR
Where to stick the landing MAT
Wok veggie PEAPOD
Womb crowd TRIPLETS
Works in a studio ART
___ party (gamer gathering) LAN

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