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Wall Street Journal – May 6 2019 – PG-13

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Clues Answers
‘Conan’ network TBS
‘Live long and prosper’ speaker SPOCK
‘Smart’ guy ALECK
‘Sure thing’ YUP
A lot of cars? PARKINGGARAGE
Abbr. in bibliographies ETAL
At any time EVER
Barely sufficient MEAGER
Basic belief TENET
Big ___, California SUR
Board info at JFK ETAS
Button on a TiVo remote REC
Cockatoo or cockapoo PET
Coin of Karachi RUPEE
Composer Satie ERIK
Computer unit BYTE
Contradict DENY
Contribute ADDIN
Create MAKE
Definitely not suitable for youngsters RRATED
Diploma holder GRAD
Earn a treat, perhaps BEG
Edge RIM
Effortlessness EASE
Elusive Himalayan creature YETI
Finished OVER
Fruit basket fruit PEAR
Gaelic language ERSE
Got ready, with ‘up’ GEARED
He serves beers to Homer MOE
Heads for the runway TAXIS
It elicits a response STIMULUS
It separates Amer. from Eur ATL
Italian sparkling wine ASTI
Karate rank indicator BELT
Long periods of time EONS
Longing URGE
Looking at EYING
Movie with the tag line ‘In space no one can hear you scream’ ALIEN
Nonfat dairy product SKIMMILK
Opposite of ‘oui’ NON
Orange’s outside RIND
Oscar-winning Leslie Caron movie GIGI
Physicist Ohm GEORG
Police alert, for short APB
Pores’ place SKIN
Puente of Latin jazz TITO
Queens-based baseball team METS
Scarlett O’Hara’s home TARA
Settle a bar tab, for example PAYUP
Show signs of waking up STIR
Singalong syllables TRALALA
Slapstick fight prop CREAMPIE
Slow, in a musical score LENTO
Snaky fish EELS
Snatches for ransom KIDNAPS
Snow queen in ‘Frozen’ ELSA
Sounded sheepish? BAAED
Spot for a critical mass? PEANUTGALLERY
Spring LEAP
Squeeze (out) EKE
Study that lacks depth? PLANEGEOMETRY
Superfluous EXTRA
Tailor’s aid PIN
Talked evasively WEASELED
Task list header TODO
Use a sponge on WIPE
Used iMessage, for example TEXTED
Uttered SAID
Villain’s hideout LAIR
Warrior princess of TV XENA
___ dish (lab item) PETRI
___ pro nobis ORA