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Wall Street Journal – May 6 2020 – Barmen – Puzzle Solutions

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Back in Black” band ACDC
“Ciao!” BYE
“Hacksaw Ridge” director MELGIBSON
“The Stranger” author CAMUS
“You’re on!” DEAL
Air traveler’s choice AISLE
Ancestry representation TREE
Apollo 11 astronaut who did not walk on the moon MICHAELCOLLINS
App identifier ICON
Aren’t wrong? AINT
Blind as ___ ABAT
Bounty beginning HMS
Burned slightly SINGED
Call from a nanny MAA
Campaign-backing org PAC
Co-star of Kudrow and Schwimmer LEBLANC
Contribute ADD
Credit card action SWIPE
D’Artagnan, to Athos AMI
Danny formerly of “Law & Order: SVU” PINO
Difficult demand to fulfill BIGASK
Director of 2007’s “Halloween” remake ROBZOMBIE
Dojo discipline JUDO
Evening socials, or a punny description of 17-, 23-, 50- and 57-Across COCKTAILPARTIES
Ferdinand’s wife IMELDA
Figures outside a parking garage RATES
Former second lady Cheney LYNNE
Fragrant compounds ESTERS
Garden shop purchase SOD
George’s lyricist brother IRA
Governess at Thornfield Hall EYRE
Grammy winner from Tokyo ONO
Greeting from a distance, say WAVINGAT
Guy with guitar, in slang AXEMAN
Gypsy of opera CARMEN
Head of Hogwarts? LOO
Issa of “The Hate U Give” RAE
It’s called a cashpoint in the U.K ATM
Layer of blue eggs ROBIN
Letters on many Nascar cars STP
Like some farewells FOND
Like true-false questions BINARY
Luxury hotel chain OMNI
Made baby food out of PUREED
Makeup of many a Steven Wright joke ONELINE
Many millennia EONS
Milan’s Teatro alla ___ SCALA
Mined find ORE
Nazareth setting GALILEE
Open favorite SEED
P look-alikes RHOS
Pioneering ISP AOL
Predators’ target PUCK
Reef predator EEL
Relinquish CEDE
Rocker Rose AXL
Roll along the runway TAXI
Scrape reminder SCAB
Seven-time Emmy nominee for “Seinfeld” JASONALEXANDER
Showery mo APR
Singer Aimee MANN
Smoothie berry ACAI
Staggering AREEL
Stately steed ARAB
Texter’s qualifier IMO
Turner of “Prizzi’s Honor” KATHLEEN
Unaware of what’s right AMORAL
Vegged out LAZED
Wanders (about) GADS
Ward off AVERT
Weather app notifications ALERTS
Whisper sweet nothings COO
Winning blackjack combo ACETEN
Worker in a flower garden BEE
Works in a museum ART