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Wall Street Journal – May 7 2018 – That Smarts!

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Clues Answers
‘A Death in the Family’ author James AGEE
‘Gladiator’ star CROWE
‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ playwright WILDE
‘What a pity!’ ALAS
‘What ___ do for you?’ CANI
‘___ the ramparts we…’ OER
Alan of ‘M*A*S*H’ ALDA
Atkins Diet no-no CARB
Attack with a lance TILTAT
Autographing need PEN
Backwater burgs COWTOWNS
Bar focus LAW
Block, as a river DAMUP
Brit’s bathroom LOO
Brothers in cowls MONKS
Buying or selling of church offices SIMONY
Cattle call MOO
Clip-___ (some ties) ONS
Club on a diamond BAT
Crowning TOPMOST
Dir. opposite NNE SSW
Dirties SOILS
Eden exile EVE
Employee’s reward RAISE
Emulates Cardi B RAPS
Expert in IRS rules CPA
Explosive stuff TNT
Final, for one TEST
Front of a freighter PROW
Gallows sight NOOSE
Gymnast Korbut OLGA
Handled indelicately PAWED
Hardcore hip-hop performance THROWDOWN
Harry Potter’s Hedwig, for one SNOWYOWL
Has as a tenant RENTSTO
Hot Mediterranean winds SIROCCOS
In the mil. by choice ENL
Item in a squirrel’s stash ACORN
Clues Answers
Lawn-tending machine POWERMOWER
Least narrow WIDEST
Lends a hand ASSISTS
Lot buy CAR
Made kittenish cries MEWED
Make a choice OPT
Maker of Yukons and Acadias GMC
Mao’s domain REDCHINA
Michigan State team SPARTANS
Minute part SECOND
Minutely detailed, as an account BLOWBYBLOW
Moccasin or mule SHOE
More than plump OBESE
Painting, sculpture and the like ART
Place to employ a 16-Across YARD
Planted SOWED
Primary MAIN
Projecting architectural feature BOWWINDOW
Pupil setting IRIS
Pursue romantically WOO
Put a lid on CAP
Racetrack numbers ODDS
Shrub with aromatic leaves sweetbay
Sleep preventer NOISE
Spirited horse STEED
Steroids addict DOPER
Stir-frying vessel WOK
Storyline PLOT
Superior to ABOVE
Take advantage of USE
They suffer for causes MARTYRS
Tic-tac-toe win OOO
TV oldie ‘Kate & ___’ ALLIE
Water sources WELLS
Working without ___ (taking risks) ANET
___ Angeles LOS