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Wall Street Journal – May 7 2019 – Where the Boys Are

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Clues Answers
‘Cool!’ NEATO
‘I, Claudius’ role NERO
‘Lady Bird’ writer-director Gerwig GRETA
‘Set Fire to the Rain’ singer ADELE
Accord UNITY
Account addition DEPOSIT
Anon’s partner EVER
Apprehends NABS
Bar need ICE
Breed in Buckingham Palace CORGI
Cafeteria carrier TRAY
Calf setting LEG
Can’t stand HATE
Cattle call MOO
Column next to the ones TENS
Cornish pasty, e.g MEATPIE
Cyclotron bit ION
Dark mark BLOT
Davis of ‘Thelma & Louise’ GEENA
Deck out ADORN
Dine at a friend’s EATOVER
End for kitchen or luncheon ETTE
Feature of many wedding gowns LACE
First name in stunts EVEL
Fortune LOT
Fuel from a bog PEAT
Fuming IRATE
Golden rule word UNTO
Groundbreaking Pink Floyd album THEWALL
Guanaco’s cousin LLAMA
Hardly hospitable BLEAK
Have a feeling SENSE
Hawke of film ETHAN
Hitchhiker’s hope LIFT
How some dumb things are done ONADARE
Imitate APE
It smells NOSE
John and Paul, once BEATLES
Jurist’s concern LAW
Knots TIES
Leipzig language GERMAN
Like high school dances CHAPERONED
Love, Italian-style AMORE
Lowly worker ANT
Meg of ‘When Harry Met Sally…’ RYAN
Meticulousness CARE
Misrepresent SKEW
Missile tracker RADAR
Mormon Church initials LDS
Naturalness EASE
Offer mortgages LEND
Pole Position company ATARI
Pot, cups, saucers and the like TEAWARE
Prickly plants NETTLES
Put out ISSUE
Pyle of TV GOMER
Red-coated cheese EDAM
Saudi Arabia neighbor YEMEN
Simple doorstop WEDGE
Site of 1945’s ‘Argonaut Conference’ YALTA
Spray target ODOR
Squalid SEAMY
Start a new paragraph, perhaps INDENT
Suffer AIL
Supplied with sustenance FED
Temperate MILD
To ___ (perfectly) ATEE
Variety of orange MANDARIN
Venezuelans’ neighbors GUYANESE
Whiz ACE
Youngest of the Weasley brothers RON
ZzzQuil alternative NYTOL
___ Aviv TEL