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Wall Street Journal – May 7 2020 – Got My Ion You – Puzzle Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Day ‘n’ Nite” rapper KIDCUDI
“Despicable Me” protagonist GRU
“Foil is not for use in microwaves,” e.g.? ALTRUISM
“I can’t believe this,” in texts SMH
“I’m such an idiot!” DOH
“Nevertheless, ___ persisted” SHE
“We R Who We R” singer KESHA
“You’re on!” DEAL
1974 role for Marty IGOR
Apple voice SIRI
Assist in infractions ABET
Attraction suggested by this puzzle’s theme answers CHEMICALBONDING
Battery-powered cat? LIFELINE
Bunch of bills WAD
Business for net profit ETAIL
Captain Fear is their mascot BUCS
Carano of “The Mandalorian” GINA
Catch wind of HEAR
Cheers for Messi OLES
Conscious of systemic societal problems WOKE
Cotton from Ark., e.g SEN
Course positions LIES
Czech mate? SLAV
Dirt pudding ingredient OREO
Disloyal FALSE
Dresden denials NEINS
Driver on a film set ADAM
Floor plan info AREA
Food processor, of a sort BELLY
Free, in a way UNTIE
Furthermore ALSO
Garlic press look-alike RICER
Gift basket item PEAR
Grandson of Abraham ESAU
Gully filler RAIN
H, sometimes ETA
He called his cutlass “Johnny Corkscrew” SMEE
Hoop holders LOBES
Initials, perhaps OKS
It was taken by Kaepernick KNEE
It’ll make you sweat GLAND
Jubilant cry YES
King speech subject DREAM
Latina, exempli gratia LINGUA
Leaves on a dime OAK
Less patient TESTIER
Like eagles and owls TALONED
Mets’ div NLE
Mineral sources ORES
Mountain whose name was restored in 2015 DENALI
Movie maker VIDEOCAM
Neighborhood between Mayfair and Covent Garden SOHO
Noon, in Nantes MIDI
Object that’s souped up? TUREEN
Oil holder EASEL
One-on-one exam ORAL
Org. with many towers AAA
Parent REAR
Pasta that’s good for your bones? CANOODLES
Pauley Pavilion setting UCLA
Picturesque valley GLEN
Place to fill up party balloons? HEADDRESS
Post to revive a dormant forum thread NECRO
Protection for your chips BAGCLIP
Result ENSUE
Rise, as emotions or tears WELLUP
Series of campaigns WAR
Showing signs of use WORN
Sister of Emily and Charlotte ANNE
Slogan for a green-bottled brand DOTHEDEW
Tongue of the boot?: Abbr ITAL
Vampire vaporizer SUN
Voltaire tragedy IRENE
When Rosencrantz and Guildenstern make their first appearance ACTII
Where the Sharks and Jets may meet RINK
Word before run or jump SKI
Workout result ACHE