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Wall Street Journal – May 7 2022 – Ice Melt Crossword Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Wall Street Journal – May 7 2022 – Ice Melt

Clues Answers
“Bien sûr!” OUI
“Codswallop!” BOSH
“Gulp!” EEP
“Hamlet” courtier OSRIC
“I didn’t expect that!” HUH
“I live to serve” USEME
“Indeed!” ITIS
“It’s scary, but we’re doing this” NOFEAR
“Shoo, kitty! Her Honor doesn’t want you on her lap!” OFFOFTHEMAYOR
“So?” AND
“That’s a terrible hiding place!” ISEEYOU
“Ye Olde” emporium SHOPPE
2021 Kristen Stewart film SPENCER
A pair of Club C 85s, e.g REEBOKS
Actor Patel playing a doctor? MEDICALDEV
Addict’s action, sometimes DENYING
Afr. neighbor EUR
Aggressive image consulting? COMPETITIVEPR
Almond kin ECRU
Apple introduction of 2017 IMACPRO
Attention-seeking utterance AHEM
B in music? CARDI
Babe in the movies, e.g PIG
Backs in the America’s Cup STERNS
Bacon, familiarly KEV
Basketball legend Bird SUE
Before, back when ERE
Big cat hybrid LIGER
Black Sea port residents ODESSANS
Blow one’s top ERUPT
Bound-to-succeed NOLOSE
Box of bills TILL
Breaking an NFL tie, e.g INOT
Brother of Dori and Nori, in “The Hobbit” ORI
Bug juice? GAS
Canon initials SLR
Captain America portrayer Chris EVANS
Castaway’s spot ISLE
Cause of some head scratching LICE
Cheap cleaning tool RAGMOP
Clumsy fellow LUG
Commotions ADOS
Control, literarily THRALL
Cop on a crack team NARCO
Crossword clue with a question mark, frequently PUN
Customary USUAL
Democratically elected comedian Margaret? THEPEOPLESCHO
Disapproval from the stands BOOING
Discovery channel? NASATV
Dominate during play OWN
End for an academic address DOTEDU
End-of-level enemy in a video game BOSS
Explosive experiments NTESTS
Fencing move LUNGE
Fighter pilot’s attire GSUIT
Firth froth SPUME
Freelancer’s bill INVOICE
Funny bit GAG
Funny fellow WAG
Govt. agents TMEN
Govt. rule REG
Gray story character who’s blue EEYORE
Groom’s answer IDO
Happy Himalayan’s sound PURR
Heavily favored ODDSON
High-potassium snack BANANA
History division ERA
Honeycomb unit CELL
Clues Answers
Horrid digs RATHOLE
Houston’s ___ Stadium NRG
Hungry Himalayan’s sound MEOW
Imposing building EDIFICE
Innocence embodied LAMB
Intensify AMPUP
Issa of “Awkward Black Girl” RAE
It smells nice and goes down the drain BATHOIL
John, for Gielgud LOO
Laborious voyage? WORKTRIP
Lago contents AGUA
Lazybones IDLER
Like some flags and pasts CHECKERED
Like some military bands REGIMENTAL
Like the path of a high fly ball ARCED
Manx male TOM
Many a time OFT
Mets’ div NLE
Midwest native OTOE
Milan-based tire manufacturer PIRELLI
Motion of the ocean TIDE
Mykonos vowel ETA
Netanyahu nickname BIBI
Nourished FED
Nut with a cupule ACORN
One sent to unseat senators? POLDISPATCHER
Org. for the Jets and the Sharks NHL
Oscar of “Dune” ISAAC
Out and about NOTATHOME
Pacino playing a convict? ALINCHAINS
Pepper with Nerf darts, say SHOOTAT
Pitch on a programme ADVERT
Pizzeria order SLICE
Plural word, e.g NOUN
Polynesian paste POI
Posting at LAX ETD
Potato presses RICERS
Pro tip, e.g ADVICE
Promotional goodies SWAG
Pulitzer winner Robert ___ Butler OLEN
Put on an act PERFORM
Qualify with conditions HEDGE
Quito setting ANDES
Ritardando, in music SLOWER
Rutabaga relative TURNIP
Scat syllable DOO
See 62-Down ROMAN
She’s featured on Justin’s “Beauty and a Beat” NICKI
Shirley Temple, for one DRINK
Slogged away TOILED
Snap PIC
Sphere ORB
Sundial figure III
Superlative finish EST
Surge of adrenaline RUSH
Surrounded by AWASHIN
Sushi bar order with eel inside and avocado on the outside DRAGONROLL
Tour hire ROADIE
Twins manager Baldelli ROCCO
Under-the-table flirting KNEESIES
Urban park sound COO
URL ender COM
Wapiti ELK
Waterloo native IOWAN
Wince cause, maybe PAIN
With 19-Across, wrestling style GRECO
Wright of “Black Panther” LETITIA
___ facto IPSO