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Wall Street Journal – May 8 2018 – Sweater Lopping

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Clues Answers
‘The Family Circus’ cartoonist Keane BIL
‘What a pity!’ SOSAD
Appointment book page DAY
Baker’s amt TBSP
Baseball’s Kinsler IAN
Canasta player’s goal MELD
Caterer’s containers URNS
Chapel words IDO
Classico competitor RAGU
Crafty SLY
Cribbage board piece PEG
Currier’s printmaking partner IVES
Damascus resident SYRIAN
Deli slicer setting THIN
Difficult hike TREK
Discontinued Swedish autos SAABS
Doesn’t answer IGNORES
Episodes filled with flashbacks CLIPSHOWS
Even a little ATALL
Five-alarm dish CHILI
Follow them to get out EXITSIGNS
Frees from constraints UNTIES
Goes after weeds, in a way HOES
Grand ___ (wine designation) CRU
Hair piece TRESS
Harry Potter’s half-giant friend HAGRID
Hat named for a Moroccan city FEZ
Himalayan legend YETI
Hiring freezes? STAFFINGLOCKS
Hovering flyer UFO
Hullabaloo ADO
Legends about stamps? STICKERLORE
Letters before xis NUS
Line of work TRADE
Londoner’s lav LOO
Lusters SHEENS
Matches, as files SYNCS
More faithful TRUER
Clues Answers
Mower brand TORO
Narrow shoe width AAA
NBC fixture fond of wordplay, and a phonetic hint to this puzzle’s spoonerisms SNL
Not kissing one’s wooers? STRANDINGLIPS
Old PC monitor CRT
Omar of ‘House’ EPPS
Org. with a zombie preparedness blog CDC
Orioles legend Ripken CAL
Piece of praise ODE
Pioneering person SETTLER
Popular electric autos TESLAS
Power lines? CORDS
Prepare for a fight TRAIN
Quenches SLAKES
Ring master? BOXER
Salty or spicy rather than sweet SAVORY
Serving those who are serving ONKP
Sow’s opposite REAP
Speculative stories SCIFI
Spoils from a heist? SEIZURELOOT
Sportscast summary RECAP
Stars sometimes lead to them FOOTNOTES
Stella ___ (Belgian pilsner) ARTOIS
Stephen of ‘The Crying Game’ REA
Subway choice HAM
Swiping THEFT
Symbols of despotism IRONFISTS
Tattooist’s target SKIN
That lady HER
The musketeers before d’Artagnan, e.g TRIO
Vicinity AREA
W. Coast hours PST
Wedding sculpture medium ICE
What a rat lacks INTEGRITY
Wide shoe width EEE
Wood rod DOWEL
Work involving lots of drills DENTISTRY