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Wall Street Journal – May 9 2019 – Ball Bearing

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Clues Answers
‘Fantastic Four’ star Jessica ALBA
‘Really?’ ISIT
‘So long!’ CIAO
‘Star Wars: Episode I’ nickname ANI
‘The Marvelous ___ Maisel’ MRS
‘Yes, sweetie, that was amazing’ ISAW
Academic acronym associated with female under-representation STEM
Air Force 1 company NIKE
Airstream owner RVER
All-time lows NADIRS
Arabian Peninsula bigwig EMIR
Basic stuff ABCS
Blown away AWED
Board feature KNOTHOLE
Cartoon tavern owner MOE
Cherry, plum or grape TOMATO
Chilly desserts being delivered by Grubhub? SORBETSINMOTION
Co-star of Kelley and Koenig TAKEI
Completely implausible INSANE
Concerned with the quality of paper towels? ABSORBENTMINDED
CVS Health subsidiary AETNA
Eddy locale DRAIN
Fewer than few NONE
Fifth of a gram CARAT
Foul play? BOMB
Free RID
Garden division BED
Growler fill ALE
Hairstylist’s concern BODY
Hardly historic NEW
Headed into overtime TIED
Historic OLD
It rises near Mount Kruglaya URAL
Its business is picking up CAB
Jackson who coached the Knicks and Grizzlies STU
Keyboard challenge ETUDE
Let the waterworks flow SOB
Letter abbr ATTN
Loses sleep STEWS
Make a comeback ANSWER
Memo starter INRE
Mesoamerican dish TAMALE
Mini marchers ANTS
Miso soup quality UMAMI
Musk with much money ELON
Nutty liqueur AMARETTO
Onus for Frodo RING
Palindromic exclamation OHO
Paltry MERE
Patch type IRONON
Persian nail CLAW
Private, e.g RANK
Prone to pry NOSY
Pull in REAP
Pull one’s hair out TWEEZE
Rice dishes PILAFS
River past Cairo OHIO
SCOTUS member since 2006 ALITO
Showtime, say PAYTV
Some soda buys LITERS
Space Race motto? INORBITTOWINIT
Spot for a night out? TENT
Style MODE
Sunburn soother ALOE
Sushi bar quaffs SAKES
The Brannock Device measures them FEET
Tragic figure DEATHS
Trail follower HIKER
Unsorted collection HEAP
Vietnamese sandwich BANHMI
Wordsworth works ODES