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Wall Street Journal – May 9 2022 – Patchwork Crossword Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Fingers crossed!” IHOPE
“I’m with ___” HER
“Just Like That…” singer Bonnie RAITT
“Oh, be quiet!” PUTASOCKINIT
“Only Time” singer ENYA
“The Waste Land” poet ELIOT
“___ Python’s Flying Circus” MONTY
Brother of Romulus REMUS
Cereal mascot trio SNAPCRACKLEPOP
Chiropractor’s focus SPINE
Cincinnati team REDS
Clarinet part REED
Club in a Manilow hit COPA
Coins in Cadiz, Calais and Cologne EUROS
Company VIP CEO
Company with almost 8,000 U.S. screens AMC
Complex 2020 Christopher Nolan movie TENET
Crude-shipping grp OPEC
Danson of “Mr. Mayor” TED
Davis of “Beetlejuice” GEENA
Dingy bars, or what the circled letters can help fix HOLESINTHEWALL
Drive supporter DONOR
Enter via keyboard TYPEIN
Fence support POST
Fewer than any NONE
Guinness of films ALEC
Ice rink shape OVAL
iPad or iPhone model MINI
It’s fed on the sidewalk PARKINGMETER
Kebab holder SKEWER
La or ti, e.g NOTE
Like a banana in a banana split PEELED
Like every Quentin Tarantino movie RATEDR
Lotion additive ALOE
Mao ___-tung TSE
Massage target ACHE
Michael of “Weekend Update” CHE
Muscle quality TONE
Open again, as a keg RETAP
Passover meals SEDERS
Poetic Muse ERATO
Pore’s place SKIN
Porpoise’s place OCEAN
Related AKIN
Ride to the prom LIMO
Scraped (out) EKED
Screen behind home plate BACKSTOP
Silences with a remote MUTES
Site for techies CNET
Sleeve filler ARM
Small valley DELL
Some jeans LEES
Sounds of disapproval TUTS
Still buggy, perhaps INBETA
Storage building SHED
Swede’s neighbor FINN
Swindle CON
Tennis star Djokovic NOVAK
Texting farewell TTYL
The Big Easy, familiarly NOLA
Trumpet sound BLARE
TV spot besmirching an opponent ATTACKAD
Twisted, like a thrown football SPIRALED
Uncouth fellow LOUT
Uppity sort SNOB
Vientiane’s nation LAOS
Wed in haste ELOPE
What grandparents might do DOTE
Wound remnant SCAR
___ Romeo (Italian luxury auto) ALFA