Wall Street Journal – Nov 10 2018 – Opposites Attract

Clues Answers
‘American Psycho’ author ELLIS
‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ star Paul RUDD
‘Baby Driver’ star Elgort ANSEL
‘Break a leg out there!’ WOWEM
‘I feel the same way!’ AMEN
‘Malcolm X’ director LEE
‘Out of my face!’ STEPOFF
‘Yeah, right!’ IBET
3M sponge brand OCELO
Advanced cautiously NOSED
Agronomy samples SOILS
Anatomical ring AREOLE
Arles article LES
Baby food, often PUREE
Beer that came from humble beginnings? LOWBORNLAGER
Big TV name RCA
Bisect HALVE
Blushing deeply BEETRED
Brosnan’s successor CRAIG
Bum wrap from a neighbor? BORROWEDDIAPER
Camisole material SATIN
Canonized mlle STE
Capp, Pacino and others ALS
Completely, in modern lingo TOTES
Contributing to, as a scheme INON
Cooler component WINE
Creatures vermicelli is named for WORMS
Curry on TV ANN
Cut emissions, say GOGREEN
Cut ___ (dance) ARUG
Dance of Rio SAMBA
Defamation, e.g TORT
Delete, as data WIPE
Demonstrate beyond doubt PROVE
Dickers over a price HAGGLES
Either ‘Hail, Caesar!’ director COEN
Ethnic, in a way RACIAL
Evening in Roma SERA
Explosive emotion RAGE
Family card game UNO
Financial giant with a lion logo ING
First field on a tax worksheet LINEA
Flanged girder IBAR
Fleet antelope IMPALA
Fluctuates wildly SEESAWS
Foot soldier of Sauron ORC
Fort Collins sch CSU
Funder of Central Park’s Strawberry Fields ONO
Giancarlo Stanton had 132 of them in 2017 RBIS
Grand, e.g PIANO
Great deal PILE
Guatemala’s currency, named for a bird revered by the Mayans QUETZAL
Hacking output COUGHS
Head-to-toe Islamic garment BURQA
Horace work ODE
Horace’s heart COR
i piece DOT
Inappropriate UNAPT
Ink-saving abbr ETC
Instagram and Waze, e.g APPS
Instrument that may be hammered DULCIMER
Iowa senator Joni ERNST
Israeli submachine gun UZI
It might be high during a dive GFORCE
It’s often under Z ALTKEY
Japan’s prime minister since 2012 ABE
Large draft SWIG
Leisurely run TROT
Levi’s material DENIM
Margays’ cousins OCELOTS
Mordant ACERB
More washed out ASHIER
Mystery or romance GENRE
Name bestowed by Darth Sidious VADER
New Zealand native MAORI
Oat-based skin product brand AVEENO
Opposite-to-hypotenuse ratio SINE
Orchestra spot PIT
Paddock parents SIRES
Palestinian leader since 2005 ABBAS
Palm Pilots and Apple Newtons, for short PDAS
Paradises EDENS
Performing gymnastic feats, and a hint to seven words ‘attracted’ to their opposites in this puzzle DOINGBACKFLIPS
Place to find your balance ATM
Poet who curses up a blue streak? COLORFULBARD
POTUS’s military role CINC
Pretentiously showy ARTSY
Prime cut FILET
Princess Leia hairstyle worn to greet guests? WELCOMEBUNS
Probes TESTS
Puddings that are chilling out? CAREFREEDESSERTS
Quaffed DRANK
Question after a joke falls flat GETIT
Raised ridges WELTS
Refuse WASTE
Relax, in modern lingo HANG
Richer, as flan EGGIER
Riskless NOLOSE
Rose Bowl player BRUIN
Ruler of Russia TSAR
Salesman on stage LOMAN
Salt-rimmed cocktail MARGARITA
Sandwich that’s not kosher BLT
Shape of a Bahai temple NONAGON
Shoppers sometimes thump them MELONS
Shuffle, say REORDER
Sits shiva, say MOURNS
Slow antelope ELAND
Snuggled in the sack SPOONED
Soubise ingredient ONION
Store house? MALL
Streetcars with no onboard artificial intelligence? STUPIDTRAMS
Stuffing seasoning SAGE
Stumble ERR
Stylish pleasure-seeker RAKE
Summer of music DONNA
Sweet beverage suffix ADE
T on a frat brother’s T TAU
Tennis great with a record 155 career titles MCENROE
Tippler SOT
Tournament overdogs ONESEEDS
Trendy ski resort ASPEN
Ulterior motive AGENDA
Union in D.C., e.g STA
Upscale shoe brand ALDO
Use a fork, maybe TUNE
Veterans Day event PARADE
Wallenberg honored as Righteous Among the Nations RAOUL
Wash. neighbor IDA
Watches with wonder GAPESAT
Where naughty silverware takes timeouts? PUNISHMENTDRAWER
Wood texture GRAIN
Zilch NADA
[This is unsuitable for office viewing] NSFW
___ Lingus AER
___ pro nobis ORA

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