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Wall Street Journal – Nov 12 2018 – Escape Hatch

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Clues Answers
‘Break ___!’ (‘Good luck!’) ALEG
‘Calm down!’ GETAGRIP
‘Don’t bother’ NONEED
‘Selma’ director DuVernay AVA
‘That’s strange’ ODD
‘The Sound of Music’ heroine MARIA
‘You’re always complaining!’ NAGNAG
About to, casually GONNA
Anticipates AWAITS
Apprehend NAB
Bag identification LUGGAGETAG
Biker’s headgear, often DORAG
Blowing away AWING
Bridle strap REIN
Business letter abbr ATTN
Bussing while busing, for short PDA
Cabinet dept. concerned with farming AGR
Caprese salad ingredient TOMATO
Casual top TEE
Charismatic glow AURA
Cheese coated with red wax EDAM
Cleansed of suds RINSED
Consumed ATE
Cut-and-dry business SALON
Dealer in souls SATAN
Descriptive nickname EPITHET
Drives home, at the ballpark BATSIN
Egg layer HEN
Embarrassing slip GAFFE
Enormous BIG
Explorer with a talking backpack DORA
Fire dept. officers LTS
Form 1040 org IRS
Fort Worth sch TCU
Hallucinatory drug LSD
High-walking sticks STILTS
Hightail it RUN
Ices, mob-style OFFS
James Bond, for one SECRETAGENT
Like thrift shop items USED
Lipton competitor NESTEA
Love of Lennon ONO
Mechanical learning ROTE
Mineo of movies SAL
Mob thugs GOONS
Monotonously rhythmic, as a voice SINGSONG
Mouse or moose MAMMAL
Movie legend born in Stockholm GRETAGARBO
National park freebie MAP
NBA legend Tim DUNCAN
No. on an invoice ACCT
NPR host Shapiro ARI
Oaty brand of skin care AVEENO
Official language of China MANDARIN
On the disabled list HURT
Photo ___ (PR events) OPS
Pick ___ (quibble) ANIT
Rear device for an SUV, or what the answers to 3-, 9-, 17- and 27-Down all have LIFTGATE
Refined taste ELEGANCE
Returning vet’s affliction PTSD
Ring exchange place ALTAR
Sharp part of a knife EDGE
Stage backdrops SETS
Strong-flavored cheese ASIAGO
Suppositions IFS
Swiss chocolate brand LINDT
Tapered off ABATED
Tarzan, notably APEMAN
Teenager’s facial bane ACNE
That woman HER
Ticks off ANGERS
Timber wolf LOBO
Yankees legend Gehrig LOU
___ Field (home of the Mets) CITI