Wall Street Journal – Nov 20 2018 – Practical Yokes

Clues Answers
‘Being There’ director Hal ASHBY
‘Fly the Friendly Skies’ co UAL
‘Peculiar sort of a gal’ in a Paul Dresser song SAL
‘Pretty Little Mamas’ network MTV
‘The Haj’ writer URIS
‘The Mill on the Floss’ author ELIOT
‘Under love’s heavy burden do I sink’ speaker ROMEO
Architect’s output PLANS
Be bold DARE
Betrays worry PACES
Blooper GOOF
Boards the express ENTRAINS
Brewery product LAGER
Bring up REAR
Brown, e.g IVY
Christmas present? YULEBOX
Circe’s specialty SORCERY
Cord end PLUG
Corgi comment YAP
Corporate bigwigs VEEPS
Cost of cards ANTE
Cures for crankiness, perhaps NAPS
Dance class outfits UNITARDS
Day after domingo LUNES
Deborah’s co-star in ‘The King and I’ YUL
Districts AREAS
Enthralled RAPT
Fire proof ASH
Fish with sawtooth and spaghetti varieties EEL
Flouted the limit SPED
Fresh PERT
Game with Draw Two cards UNO
Good for nothing? FREEBIE
Government departments BUREAUS
Grant money? FIFTY
Hard-to-define yet special quality XFACTOR
In complete harmony ASONE
Invite ASK
Jacqueline du Pre’s instrument CELLO
Knight’s neighbor ROOK
Langley-based org CIA
Lass’s counterpart LAD
Metal source ORE
Microsurgery tool LASER
Miniature WEE
Minimal mo FEB
Miss Gulch’s ride BICYCLE
Mission furniture makeup OAK
Most Belgraders SERBS
Natural talent BENT
Opposed to ANTI
Pageant ID SASH
Palm Beach County city, for short BOCA
Peace symbol DOVE
Photos of lemons and bananas? YELLOWSHOTS
Polo alternative TEE
Ponies up PAYS
Problem for 11-Down LEAK
Racer on the inside track? SLOTCAR
Rat Pack star SINATRA
Reached the right size for, as hand-me-downs GREWINTO
Richard with five comedy Grammys PRYOR
Salalah resident OMANI
Seventh of 24 letters ETA
Shaggy ox used to carry logs? LUMBERYAK
Shankar with a sitar RAVI
Speculative undertakings VENTURES
Staggering AREEL
Stopwatch button RESET
Super high BAKED
Surreptitious attention-getter PSST
Takes exception to RESENTS
Tear RIP
Thanksgiving vegetables smuggled like drugs? TRAFFICYAMS
Time between semesters in New Haven? YALEBREAK
Unruly do MOP
Vacation length, often WEEK
Valuable, perhaps RARE

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