Wall Street Journal – Nov 24 2018 – Comparatively Speaking

Clues Answers
‘After that…’ THEN
‘Messiah,’ notably ORATORIO
‘Murder in the Cathedral’ playwright TSELIOT
‘Now I see!’ AHA
‘Wild Thing’ rapper Tone ___ LOC
Article for Orff DER
As well TOO
Ball company ESCORT
Beach bum’s acquisition TAN
Bettor business, in brief OTB
Big name in stain removal OXICLEAN
Blends together MELDS
Blue Grotto location CAPRI
Bold alternative ITALIC
Bone in a cage RIB
Bookbinder’s tool AWL
Both, in combinations AMBI
Bribes SOPS
Bus. school entry exam GMAT
Calendar divs WKS
Canal that traverses the Empire State ERIE
Capital on a fjord OSLO
Card table declaration IPASS
Cavalry mounts STEEDS
Charge toward, with a lance TILTAT
Coin depicting Louis XVI ECU
Commanded, quaintly BADE
Conference handouts AGENDAS
Conk out DIE
Curved arch OGEE
Decisive argument CLINCHER
Delivery possibility SON
Deposit PLACE
Devastating 2017 hurricane IRMA
Dream up CREATE
Drink that may give you a brain freeze ICEE
Drive drunkenly WEAVE
Ed of ‘Up’ ASNER
Elaborate Broadway stage decor, vis-a-vis summer camp theater stage design? DRESSIERSET
Engineering sch. in Troy RPI
Extremely low sticker figure for a Chanel bag, vis-a-vis the figure at the Chanel boutique? FISHIERPRICE
Farmer’s ginger, vis-a-vis eggplant farm yields? BUMPIERCROP
Fast cash dispenser ATM
Fight venue ARENA
First U.S. Open champ ASHE
Florida city, familiarly BOCA
Flour pot? CANISTER
Flowery verses POESY
Former flames EXES
Fortune notice RENEWAL
Foul moods SNITS
Galaxy message TEXT
Gaze at REGARD
Golfer who takes lots of practice swings, vis-a-vis a quick golfer? POKIERPLAYER
Granny, in Munich OMA
Grilling spots PATIOS
Guat. neighbor MEX
Guinness of ‘Star Wars’ ALEC
Haggard of country MERLE
Halberd alternative POLEAXE
Hoppy brews IPAS
Hot rod? SPIT
Invited ASKED
Jose Altuve, e.g ASTRO
Kid’s racer GOKART
Lapped against WASHED
Last Olds made ALERO
Lawn tunneler ANT
Lawn tunnelers MOLES
Like a perfect game NOHIT
Like some fruit and craft beers SEASONAL
Little rascal IMP
Load onto a drive INSTALL
Lock holders HASPS
Locks in a barn? MANE
Macy’s department MENS
Meadow grazer EWE
Money in the bank, say ASSET
Nothing, in Normandy RIEN
Nova Scotia hrs AST
Nutri-Grain grain OAT
Oilers’ home ALBERTA
One in a black suit SPADE
One in fifteen Turks ANKARAN
One might hang out at a party PINATA
Ones making a scene ACTORS
Pamper SPOIL
Pay TV that always airs tense news, vis-a-vis one that airs cartoons? JUMPIERCABLE
Paycheck deduction letters FICA
Pen pal? PIG
Perfect IDEAL
Pesach feasts SEDERS
Pine product RESIN
Pitch from a scenery chewer, vis-a-vis one from an Oscar winner? HAMMIERTHROW
Pitcher’s delivery? SPIEL
Pizzazz STYLE
Posted Post-it note, often REMINDER
Primatology subject APE
Quick bite NOSH
Rams from behind REARENDS
Ready for a bout SPAR
Recouped WONBACK
Remove from the board ERASE
Resort known for its red rocks SEDONA
River through Magnitogorsk URAL
Saber-toothed squirrel in ‘Ice Age’ SCRAT
Scathing reviews PANS
Scholarly ERUDITE
School of thought ISM
Sculptor’s works TORSOS
Seized sedan REPO
Self-help guru Chopra DEEPAK
Shipwreck cause STORM
Shooting sport SKEET
Shop owned by a has-been comic, vis-a-vis a trendy shop by a hot newcomer comedian? CORNIERSTORE
Sight-based OPTIC
Skinny INFO
Sleazeball CAD
Some music stations FMS
Soon-to-be univ. alums SRS
SpongeBob’s pants, vis-a-vis Mickey Mouse’s? BOXIERSHORTS
Strong joe MUD
Swindled HOSED
Tarzan’s chimp sidekick CHEETA
Taste, e.g SENSE
Technical sch INST
Visitor from a distant galaxy ALIEN
Visitors from a distant galaxy ETS
What some shoot in a round EVENPAR
Wide awake ALERT
Wild retreats LAIRS
Works together (with) LIAISES
World’s most densely populated country MONACO
___ Aviv TEL
___ Mahal TAJ
___ Paulo SAO

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