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Wall Street Journal – Nov 26 2018 – Mixed Bag

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Clues Answers
‘As I was saying…’ ANYHOW
‘But of course!’ WHYYES
‘Don’t make me laugh!’ HAH
‘How stupid of me!’ DUH
‘I’m so stupid!’ DOH
‘Inside the NBA’ analyst Shaq ONEAL
‘JFK’ director Stone OLIVER
‘Pretty please?’ CANI
‘Slow churned’ ice cream brand EDYS
‘Too bad…’ ITSASHAME
‘Waterloo’ singing group ABBA
*’In fact…’ TRUTHIS
*Deserving of making the effort WORTHATRY
*How some heavy objects fall to the ground WITHATHUD
*Yesteryear, redundantly PASTHISTORY
Ab-strengthening exercise SITUP
Aides for profs TAS
Bangkok resident THAI
Be a ham on stage EMOTE
Beauty queen’s accessory TIARA
Big baseball hit SWAT
Big brother of Lisa and Maggie BART
Casual rejection NAW
Entertainer who may play a samisen GEISHA
Farm measure ACRE
Farrow of ‘The Great Gatsby’ MIA
Feeling sad DOWN
Foes of the Dems GOP
Friend in France AMI
From India or Indonesia ASIAN
Gas, in Gloucester PETROL
Go underground HIDE
Grabbed a snack ATE
Hand over CEDE
Hannah of ‘Splash’ DARYL
Hatch a plot SCHEME
High-ranking USN officer ADM
In the buff BARE
In the know AWARE
Kissing in the park, for short PDA
Leave out OMIT
Many a first-time voter TEEN
Many a time OFT
Marries on the run ELOPES
Member of the bar: Abbr ATT
Mini albums, for short EPS
Miscellany, and a hint to the hidden words in the starred answers THISANDTHAT
MSN alternative AOL
Nabisco cookie brand CHIPSAHOY
Narcissist’s trait VANITY
Northern sky sight AURORA
Offering requiring payback LOAN
Pina colada ingredient RUM
Pioneering person SETTLER
Possessed HAD
Posterior HIND
Proctored event EXAM
Review on Amazon, say RATE
Road warning NOENTRY
Rowboat implement OAR
Scandinavian capital OSLO
Scandinavian country: Abbr SWE
Sci-fi vehicle UFO
Seize swiftly SNATCH
Shopping indulgences SPREES
Skiing sites SLOPES
Sleepyhead in an Everly Brothers hit SUSIE
Small rug MAT
Some glee club voices ALTOS
Store event SALE
Take into custody NAB
Takeoff hour, briefly ETD
The yoke’s on them OXTEAM
Things on an agenda ITEMS
Tolstoy’s ‘___ Karenina’ ANNA
Uncouth fellow BOOR
What to do if the shoe fits WEARIT
Wordy Webster NOAH