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Wall Street Journal – Nov 27 2018 – Lamplighters

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Clues Answers
‘Probably’ ITHINKSO
17-syllable poems HAIKUS
Acropolis honoree ATHENA
American elms, for example SHADETREES
Baling need TWINE
Ballerina’s pivot TOE
Baseball Hall of Famer Rod CAREW
Bother EATAT
Capital on an Asian peninsula SEOUL
Characteristic TRAIT
Clinic concern HEALTH
College Board number TESTSCORE
Combination lock part DIAL
Cuts down FELLS
Davidson of ‘SNL’ PETE
Disinformation LIES
Egyptian serpents ASPS
Ella Fitzgerald specialty SCAT
Equal PEER
Falco with four Emmys EDIE
Fillable flatbread PITA
Fireplace user’s purchase CORDOFWOOD
Flight parts STEPS
Goad on URGE
Goofs ERRS
Grueling exam ORAL
Gummed flap SEAL
He’s uncaged by his sister HANSEL
Holiday door hanging WREATH
Just clear of the seabed, as anchors AWEIGH
Kin of foil and saber EPEE
Layered cookie OREO
Like good sentries ALERT
Like top tournament players SEEDED
Make a pulp out of MASH
Marie Curie, by birth POLE
Massive mammal WHALE
Mechanic’s tool SOCKETWRENCH
Michelle of the Mamas & the Papas PHILLIPS
Mickey Mantle, for one SWITCHHITTER
Mob informer RAT
Mournful music DIRGE
Museum piece RELIC
Nickname of tennis great Connolly LITTLEMO
Notes after sol LATI
Pig in ___ APOKE
Playwright Fugard ATHOL
Prepared READY
Protection from vampires CROSS
Publisher Conde ___ NAST
Purple berry touted as a superfruit ACAI
Raises up HOISTS
Rapper who’s a ‘Law & Order: SVU’ regular ICET
Relatively recent NEWISH
Ride with runners SLED
Scissors sound SNIP
Sign of a sprained ankle LIMP
Southpaw pitcher, in slang PORTSIDER
Start for dynamic or space AERO
Thailand neighbor LAOS
The USS Constitution and others FRIGATES
Trendily self-referential META
Tribal tales LORE
Turner and Danson TEDS
Warning color RED
Website privacy policy button ACCEPT
Wee wolf PUP
What fillies fill up on OATS
What it takes to clap TWOHANDS
Whole bunch HEAP