Wall Street Journal – Nov 5 2018 – Rush Jobs

Clues Answers
‘Citizen’ played by Welles KANE
‘It’s hardly a surprise’ NOWONDER
‘Rebecca’ writer du Maurier DAPHNE
‘See you later!’ TATA
‘So that’s it!’ AHA
1950s president, familiarly IKE
Addis ___ ABABA
Addition column TENS
Alternative to FaceTime SKYPE
Ballcarrier TAILBACK
Become separate SPLITOFF
Big surname in auto racing UNSER
Brings up REARS
Bro or sis, for short SIB
Camp employee COUNSELOR
Can. neighbor USA
Capital of the Bahamas NASSAU
Carpenter’s tools SAWS
City of western France NANTES
Confident way to solve a crossword ININK
Connection between stories STAIRS
Criminal, in cop lingo PERP
Derisive expression SNEER
Do newspaper work EDIT
Doughnut’s shape TORUS
Fleeing, and activity by 17-, 21-, 55- and 64-Across MAKINGARUNFORIT
Follow as a consequence ENSUE
Freight measure TON
From County Clare, say IRISH
Give a new look to REDO
Grandson of Adam and Eve ENOS
Gumbo base OKRA
Hangs on the clothesline AIRS
Has a meal EATS
Hockey player’s feints DEKES
Increase RISE
Increase dramatically SOAR
Jason Bourne’s portrayer DAMON
Like libertines DISSOLUTE
Long-necked lute SITAR
Middle C, e.g NOTE
More than plump OBESE
Mouse who wears a bow MINNIE
Mousy SHY
Neighbor of Egypt SUDAN
Nick of ‘The Prince of Tides’ NOLTE
Nicki Minaj specialty RAP
Nine sisters of mythology MUSES
Office gofer ERRANDBOY
Plant life FLORA
Prohibition Era brew NEARBEER
Quartet on a car TIRES
Requiring overtime, perhaps TIED
Sabin vaccine target POLIO
Sacked out ABED
School on the Thames ETON
Seat seeker CANDIDATE
Secretive govt. org NSA
Shortly, to Shakespeare ANON
Sign of disuse RUST
Singer Redding OTIS
Soprano Tetrazzini LUISA
Spiteful CATTY
Spot in the sea ISLE
Stepped down ALIT
Summit TOP
Take place OCCUR
Track competitor SPRINTER
Transmitted SENT
Wee worker ANT
When one wins, it’s an upset UNDERDOG
Words of approximation ORSO
Wound reminders SCARS
Wrap up END
Written with rhymes, say POETIC

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