Wall Street Journal – Nov 7 2018 – Solve This, Please!

Clues Answers
‘Admit it!’ CONFESS
‘Excuse me…’ AHEM
‘High Hopes’ lyricist Cahn SAMMY
‘Where ___ we?’ WERE
‘Why don’t we!’ LETS
Anxiety inducers CARES
Backyard shindigs BBQS
Be popular online TREND
Bellows ROARS
Blush, e.g WINE
Body scrub additive ALOE
Catches SNARES
Changes one’s locks, perhaps DYES
Chinese tea CHA
Corgi comment ARF
Cry from Bill the Cat ACK
Do some wool gathering SHEAR
Do the charitable thing GIVE
Employee’s request RAISE
Entryway amenity HATSTAND
Father of Hamlet and Honi HAGAR
Favored few ELITE
First capital of British India CALCUTTA
Frank OPEN
Guardian’s charge WARD
High water alternative HELL
Hot zone? OVEN
How to read the circled answers (please!) ALOUD
Joint tenants? CONS
Lamb pseudonym ELIA
Laughable DAFT
Like Loki NORSE
Majors in acting LEE
Make ___ dash AMAD
May in England, e.g TORY
Minstrel song LAY
Missing child announcement AMBERALERT
Monica Geller’s brother ROSS
Most restless ANTSIEST
Nail setting TOE
Nip’s partner TUCK
Not taped LIVE
Phishing expeditions SCAMS
Private postings FORTS
Proceeds TAKE
Programs CODES
Put away ATE
QB’s goals TDS
Quiche, e.g PIE
Relative bunch KIN
Removes abruptly YANKS
Reporter Roberts COKIE
Secretary of transportation since 2017 ELAINECHAO
Self-satisfied COMPLACENT
Sink one’s teeth in CHOMP
Sitter’s handful IMP
Smart CHIC
Spore spawner FERN
Steamy viewing LOVESCENES
Stooped (to) RESORTED
Streamlined SLEEK
Temple mascot OWL
Thanksgiving dish YAMS
Toffee bar SKOR
Together, musically ADUE
Traffic cops NARCS
Tribal healer SHAMAN
U.S. security offering TNOTE
Unleashes (on) SICS
Unlikely Tony winners HAMS
Useful page for newbies FAQ
Validate again, perhaps RESTAMP
Vessel stopper CLOT
What a private might call a major MAAM
Witchy women CRONES

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