Wall Street Journal – Oct 1 2018 – Gone Phishing

Clues Answers
‘Gotcha’ ISEE
‘How could you!!!’ IMSOMAD
‘Later!’ CIAO
‘Luncheon of the Boating Party’ painter RENOIR
‘The Waste Land’ poet ELIOT
‘Thrilla in Manila’ champ ALI
‘Yup’ opposite NAW
‘Yup’ opposite UHUH
*Annual pop culture gathering noted for cosplay COMICCON
*Flower garden hazard BEESTING
*Ignored a noise ordinance, say MADEARACKET
*Repeated lyric of a 1975 #1 disco hit DOTHEHUSTLE
Abu Dhabi dignitary EMIR
Airport screening org TSA
Annoying IRKSOME
Apple Store selections IMACS
Applies quickly, as brakes SLAMSON
Asking price COST
Big blender brand OSTER
Big fuss ADO
Bit of lingerie BRA
Boardwalk boards SLATS
Bobbles the ball ERRS
Bronte heroine Jane EYRE
Caffeinated drink TEA
Caffeinated drink COLA
Carry-___ (some bags) ONS
CBS forensic franchise CSI
Cheshire Cat’s creator CARROLL
Chinese leader? INDO
Clean energy source SUN
Command to sled dogs MUSH
Costa ___ RICAN
Cowhand handle TEX
Cured salmon LOX
Drink served in a champagne flute MIMOSA
Fallon’s predecessor LENO
Firetruck signal SIREN
Fit to be tied IRATE
Garbo and Nobel, for two SWEDES
Give it ___ (attempt) ASHOT
Give under pressure SAG
Golf course reservation TEETIME
Guns, as an engine REVS
Hackneyed TRITE
Houston of Texas SAM
Lettuce buy HEAD
Like a very small band ONEMAN
Little fellow LAD
Moisten while roasting BASTE
Mont. neighbor IDA
Mrs. in Marseille MME
Negotiator’s skill TACT
Offer comfort to SOLACE
On a road trip AWAY
Paperless flight document ETICKET
Penn of ‘Designated Survivor’ KAL
Poorly lit DIM
Problem for lazy people INERTIA
Ranch ruminant STEER
Roosevelt’s neighbor on Mount Rushmore LINCOLN
Rosary unit BEAD
Sedimentary rock layers STRATA
Self-importance EGO
Spill the beans BLAB
Stayed home for dinner ATEIN
Thurman of ‘Henry & June’ UMA
UFO passengers ETS
Unresponsive state COMA
Warning to consumers, or what might be triggered by the starred answers SCAMALERT
Went first LED
Wine label datum VINTAGE
Yuletide door decor WREATH
Zagreb’s country CROATIA
___ Antonio SAN
___ avis RARA
___ Spumante ASTI

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