Wall Street Journal – Oct 10 2018 – Boy Wander

Clues Answers
‘A Fistful of Dollars’ director Sergio LEONE
‘Call on me!’ OHOH
‘I’m Sprung’ rapper TPAIN
‘State Fair’ locale IOWA
2017 film about Wolverine LOGAN
42-acre attraction along the Schuylkill River PHILADELPHIAZOO
Activist Wells IDA
Bailiwicks AREAS
Bandage DRESS
Bit of badinage BONMOT
Cast a wide net TRAWL
Chip’s partner DALE
Cocktail in a can FRUITSALAD
Colosseum competitors ROMANGLADIATORS
CT scan units RADS
Did pastoral work HERDED
Divination from omens AUGURY
Do a marketing job BAG
Dog day description HOTONE
Empties, in a way DUMPSOUT
Engage in poor sportsmanship PLAYDIRTY
Fashions SHAPES
Father of Arya Stark NED
Flatten, informally SMUSH
Glazier’s goo PUTTY
Horace Greeley advice GOWEST
Hosts for roasts MCS
In a snug fashion COZILY
Inviting letters RSVP
Juicy hybrid PLUOT
King’s opponent in ‘Battle of the Sexes’ RIGGS
LAX posting ARR
Livens (up) PEPS
Maker of Powerwall batteries TESLA
Many a downloadable form PDF
Many Middle Easterners ARABS
Match point? ARENA
Member of the sales dept AGT
Nautically sheltered ALEE
Nincompoop DODO
Part of a coined phrase? UNUM
Pewter part TIN
Picture-texting standard letters MMS
Pitcher with a big mouth EWER
Politicians’ accessories LAPELPINS
Promotional order CORPORATELADDER
Ready for renting TOLET
Relentlessly glum DOUR
River near Balmoral Castle DEE
Rodent with a rounded muzzle VOLE
Shades of tan ECRUS
Showy shrub AZALEA
Skip phonetically ELIDE
Sloppy site STY
Snatch SEIZE
Snatch GRASP
Strikes before spikes SETS
Suede feature NAP
Suffer AIL
Tell a ‘yo mama’ joke, perhaps DIS
Teri’s ‘Young Frankenstein’ role INGA
They may be steep when hiked PRICES
Timbuktu’s nation MALI
Triumph over BEST
Unforeseen problem HITCH
Up to, briefly TIL
Vertebral column parts DISCS
Was benched SAT
Waxy conduit EARCANAL
Wipes out, in slang EATSIT
Women line up to go there LADIESROOM
Young man who follows the advice in 43-Down throughout this puzzle LAD

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