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Wall Street Journal – Oct 10 2021 – “U.N. Leaders” Crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

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Clues Answers
“Ascending and Descending” lithographer ESCHER
“Fawlty Towers” waitress POLLY
“For they have sown the wind…” book HOSEA
“Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” singer Shropshire ELMO
“Live ___” (Taco Bell catchphrase) MAS
“My money says…” IDBET
“Nope” UHUH
“See you later!” CIAO
“You’d open that wine bottle if you really cared about me!”? UNSTOPINTHENAMEOFLOVE
Access to an artery ONRAMP
Additionally ALSO
Alphabetic ender OMEGA
Angels slugger Justin UPTON
Anxious committee leader? UNEASYCHAIR
At the drop of ___ AHAT
Avocado or olive TREE
Bangkok currency BAHT
Bangkok language THAI
Barbecue joint freebies WETNAPS
Barista’s concoction MOCHA
Bear’s lair DEN
Bestselling Scotch DEWARS
Biased, to boot? UNJUSTASWELL
Bill issuers ATMS
Bitter brew, briefly IPA
Bolt attachment NUT
Botanical balm ALOE
Bubbly brand MOET
Cab alternatives UBERS
Card dealer’s box SHOE
Casino chips, e.g DISKS
Cassini of fashion OLEG
Chinese zodiac sign between pig and ox RAT
Choose not to take part OPTOUT
Chowderhead SIMP
Common vacation destination SEASHORE
Confucian principle TAO
Contents of un lac EAU
Cropped up AROSE
Cry from an eager student OOH
Ctrl-Z some calculations? UNDOTHEMATH
Cutlery prong TINE
Digital communication system, for short ASL
Diner menu section SOUPS
Discontinued iPod model NANO
Dollar alternative AVIS
Dos-cuatro go-between TRES
Dubai dignitary EMIR
Entree go-with SIDE
Experience the great outdoors, in a way CAMP
Fabled runner-up HARE
Famed frontiersman BOONE
Farm for dorky animals? UNCOOLRANCH
Feature of some car windows TINT
Film trailers, e.g TEASERS
Forks over PAYS
French word on a wedding announcement NEE
Funds, as a startup SEEDS
Grandson of Adam and Eve ENOS
Groundbreaking computer game set on an island MYST
Groundbreaking innovation? HOE
Harlem Renaissance leader Langston HUGHES
He performed between Melanie and Joan at Woodstock ARLO
Heavyweight champ Fury TYSON
Heavyweight sport SUMO
Help feloniously ABET
Hold OWN
Invite ASK
Islamic law SHARIA
Isn’t feeling so hot AILS
Clues Answers
It might be slippery ELM
It’s hot until it’s not FAD
Kemo ___ (Lone Ranger, to Tonto) SABE
Laughably amateurish BUSHLEAGUE
Luxe hotel amenities SPAS
Made the cut? SAWED
Major work OPUS
Majority of the world’s population ASIANS
Mario and Andrew of New York politics CUOMOS
McShane and McKellen IANS
Mechanic’s workplace SHOP
Meet by chance COMEUPON
Metaphor for an effortless task LAYUP
Military blitz ASSAULT
Mind-blowing inheritance? UNREALESTATE
Mink’s kin OTTER
Moises with two Silver Slugger Awards ALOU
More than want NEED
Narrowest of victory margins HAIR
Nest egg choice ROTHIRA
Not feeling so hot SICK
Nota ___ BENE
Nymph pursuer SATYR
Obstinate sort ASS
Obtained, perhaps locally SOURCED
Official court proceedings ACTA
Paper Mate’s Pink Pearls, e.g ERASERS
Part of a Clue solution ROOM
Pebbles, for slingshots AMMO
Pfizer release of 1998 VIAGRA
Prime number factor ONE
Prize for a play OBIE
Protests guaranteed? UNRESTASSURED
Raison d’___ ETRE
Really digging INTO
Release Bert and Ernie? UNHANDPUPPETS
Rhythms from a zombie DJ? UNDEADBEATS
Risks a ticket, in a way SPEEDS
Rural sight SILO
Second Amendment advocacy grp NRA
Shortly, quaintly ANON
Singing legend from Naples CARUSO
Sketch comedy series with Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara SCTV
Soccer’s Hamm MIA
Society’s basic level GRASSROOTS
Some chemical treatments PEELS
Some private school teachers NUNS
Some work at home UMPS
Sophisticated style CLASS
Spirit-raising get-together SEANCE
Spot for a downward dog MAT
Squishee seller on “The Simpsons” APU
Star-studded rosters ALISTS
Start of a classic Christmas poem TWAS
Stick out JUT
Suffuses IMBUES
Sushi bar supply RICE
Symbols of sturdiness OAKS
They have keys but no locks PIANOS
They navigate the high C’s SOPRANOS
Underwater forest makeup KELP
Up to now YET
Verbal fanfare TADA
Victor Vasarely, notably OPARTIST
Victorious ONTOP
Vision for the future DREAM
Where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded OSLO
Women’s soccer powerhouse USA
___ Domini ANNO