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Wall Street Journal – Oct 11 2018 – Putting On Weight

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Clues Answers
‘Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal’ writer ELIOT
‘Knowledge is the food of the soul’ speaker PLATO
‘The Third Man’ star COTTEN
‘There oughta be ___!’ ALAW
‘Toodles!’ TATA
1-Across, e.g POD
Anaphylaxis treatment, for short EPI
Around CIRCA
Baja boy NINO
Bar brew ALE
Birthplace of raisin bran and the Reuben sandwich OMAHA
Bond player CRAIG
Bring in EARN
Close-fisted MEAN
Cologne nicety DANKE
Crock’s kin STEWPOT
Cubby holes? DENS
Decoration on a military uniform sleeve BRAID
Enjoy London, say READ
Enter the draft, say GOPRO
Exchange SWAP
Flax feature BOLL
Flying Pan PETER
Followers’ suffixes ITES
Friedman’s field: Abbr ECON
God of the afterlife OSIRIS
Grab ___ (eat) ABITE
Greet the visitors BOO
Houston hockey squad that became the Iowa Wild in 2013 AEROS
Hunting garb, for short CAMO
Incredulous cry WHATONEARTH
Intellectual understanding GRIP
Isaac’s match in virtuosity? GOODASNEWTON
Kathryn of ‘Oz’ ERBE
Kishke casing DERMA
Looked like a lecher OGLED
Made one’s case PLED
Major metal maker ALCOA
Maltese money EURO
Microscope lens OPTIC
Most of its 981-mile course forms state borders OHIO
Nick’s cousin DENT
Ocean organisms who protect their turf? GANGPLANKTON
Office pool pick TEAM
Olympic glider LUGE
Olympic gliders BOBSLEDS
Other, in Andalusia OTRO
Owl’s hoot, perhaps OMEN
Pants problem RIP
Portraitist of Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson SARGENT
React to the Beatles, perhaps SWOON
Ready for decanting AGED
Reinforced shipping box? ARMOREDCARTON
Risky way to act INANGER
Rough position LIE
Search with the hands GROPE
Signing simian KOKO
Stand up to OPPOSE
Suggestion from a CPA IRA
Swiss state with lots of landfills? GARBAGECANTON
Tel. no. addition EXT
They may take bows GIFTS
Tubular fare PENNE
Unit symbolized by an omega OHM
Want dearly LONGFOR
Wish undone RUE
You, before you were born THEE
Zest provider SAUCE