Wall Street Journal – Oct 13 2018 – Are You Kidding?

Clues Answers
‘Auspicious one’ of Hinduism SIVA
‘Conan’ network TBS
‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ band ELO
‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ subject BONDAGE
‘Fly, you filly!’ and the like? JOCKEYSHOUTS
‘He puzzled three hours, till his puzzler was sore’ writer DRSEUSS
‘Hold on ___!’ ASEC
‘Keep Ya Head Up’ rapper TUPAC
‘Outlander’ hero JAMIE
‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ singer AUTRY
‘What a pity!’ SOSAD
2013 Bullock/McCarthy buddy comedy THEHEAT
4G ___ (wireless standard) LTE
A minor TEEN
Acapulco uncle TIO
Al at Indy UNSER
Apple app replaced by Messages ICHAT
Apt. units RMS
Assns ORGS
Away from the wind, nautically ALEE
Batman foe TWOFACE
Beginner, informally NOOB
Behaves like a souffle RISES
Boudoir garment TEDDY
Brainstorms IDEAS
Brand at Staples BIC
Chain that once had nearly 800 bookstores BDALTON
Chimp’s cousins BONOBOS
Chrysler Building style DECO
Co. begun as the American Messenger Company UPS
Collectively INALL
Connected, in a way ONLINE
Contents of some vats DYE
Cook’s weapon, in cartoons SKILLET
Copyright’s cousin PATENT
County of northern California SHASTA
Coxswain’s crew, at most OCTAD
Crimean conference site YALTA
Direction suffix ERN
Director Kazan ELIA
Discontinued Swedish car SAAB
Distinctive vibe AURA
Double trouble on a double date? THEBADNEWSBEAUS
Dread loch? NESS
Easter-related PASCHAL
El primer numero natural UNO
Executor’s concern ESTATE
Factory wheels COGS
Features of Monstro and Moby Dick? FANTASYSPOUTS
Features of some moving experiences VANS
Flock contingent EWES
Flute, e.g GLASS
For forever and a day INAGES
Forever and a day EONS
Granola grain OAT
GRE administrator ETS
Greet with honor HAIL
Greet with honor BOWTO
Gymnast’s performance ROUTINE
Hand delivered? DEALT
He escapes from Almira Gulch TOTO
Hilton competitor HYATT
Hofbrauhaus souvenir STEIN
Holy Roman emperor crowned in 962 OTTOI
Infused concoction TEA
Inner circle COTERIE
Investigate, as a cold case REOPEN
It may be followed by a right hook LEFTJAB
It might employ Zener cards ESPTEST
Japanese buckwheat noodles SOBA
Jewelry pieces CLASPS
Lane in Metropolis LOIS
Last-place finisher, it’s said NICEGUY
Lecture reminders NOTES
Lightsaber-wielding heroine REY
Like a packed stadium, often AROAR
Like trading posts? JOBHOP
Lorna ___ (cookies) DOONES
Makeup of a bed, at times RICE
Michelle of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ YEOH
Microwave handle? AMANA
Middle’s middle DEES
Minecraft material ORE
Mobile home ALABAMA
Model homes? HOBBYHOUSES
Necks of the woods AREAS
Neglect NONUSE
Network address URL
Not quite right, maybe ACUTE
On cloud nine ECSTATIC
One might stop a strike MITT
Oxidize, e.g REACT
Pacific salmon COHO
Patisserie purchases ECLAIRS
Persian potentates SHAHS
Photo ___ OPS
Places of interest BANKS
Poetic pugilist ALI
Pop of punk IGGY
Provo sch BYU
Quarter of a bushel PECK
Quilting session BEE
Reebok’s parent company ADIDAS
Regal collection? ATONOFBUICKS
Relative KINSMAN
Sauce with pine nuts PESTO
Saw things? TEETH
Sevilla, por ejemplo CIUDAD
Shaggy critters YAKS
Shrek and Fiona, e.g OGRES
Sitting Bull’s people LAKOTA
Slalom section ESS
Sotomayor of the Supreme Court SONIA
Speed freak? RACEFAN
Spirited ROUSING
Squid squirt INK
Stage for a ham? CURED
Start of many a forwarded email FYI
Target of many honks ROADHOG
The Red Baron, e.g AIRACE
Tight-lipped CAGEY
Too much, in music TANTO
Tricky pool shot MASSE
Vanquish BEST
Wire tapping? MORSE
Wonder Woman wears one TIARA
Write PEN
Yahtzee quintet DICE
Yucatan ‘you’ USTED

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