Wall Street Journal – Oct 15 2018 – All Wet

Clues Answers
‘Carmina Burana’ composer Carl ORFF
‘M*A*S*H’ star ALDA
‘My ears ___ burning’ ARE
‘___ So Fine’ (hit for the Chiffons) HES
*’Leaf peeping’ attraction FALLCOLORS
*Appetizer follower MAINCOURSE
*Army scout with a Wild West show BUFFALOBILL
*Cars driven by them get better traction FRONTWHEELS
1977 George Burns movie OHGOD
Absolut rival SKYY
Bamm-Bamm’s dad BARNEY
Before today AGO
Bushy hairdo AFRO
Calendar rows WEEKS
Capital of Azerbaijan BAKU
Car bar AXLE
Cardio program popularized in the 1990s TAEBO
Choose not to walk, perhaps TAKEACAB
Computer shortcut MACRO
Concerning ASFOR
Country division STATE
Cry of epiphany AHA
Cube, cone or cylinder SOLID
Departed GONE
Derisive shout HOOT
Easter lead-in LENT
Every little bit ALL
Except BUT
Four-time Indianapolis 500 champ Al UNSER
Fourth man to walk on the moon ALANBEAN
Genesis figure ADAM
GIF or XML, for example FILEFORMAT
Greek vowels ETAS
Have debts OWE
Last mo DEC
Leather worker’s tools AWLS
Like many frat parties BEERY
Like radishes and rubies RED
Loudly laments SOBS
Mollycoddled BABIED
More, in Mexico MAS
Person in a rush? HALFBACK
Place to order a sarsaparilla SALOON
Played a cheery tune LILTED
Poet Pound EZRA
Polishing powder EMERY
Potent java, in slang CAF
Proctored event EXAM
Proctored event TEST
Programmer’s output CODE
Purple hue LILAC
Real estate unit ACRE
Reasonable SANE
Redding of 1960s soul OTIS
Rhinoceros feature HORN
Rich cake TORTE
River of Russia URAL
Riyadh resident ARAB
Rowing need OARS
Rural predators BARNOWLS
Silent assent NOD
Silent movie vamp Theda BARA
Small songbird WREN
Smell ODOR
Syria’s president ASSAD
Texting protocol initials SMS
Theater popcorn container TUB
U.S. territory in the Mariana Islands GUAM
Uncool fellow DORK
Under the weather ILL
Ungentlemanly fellows CADS
Utterly corny CHEESEBALL
Vegan’s no-no MEAT
Vermont ski resort STOWE
Well-ventilated AIRY
Word that can precede each word of each starred answer WATER
___ Domini ANNO

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