Wall Street Journal – Oct 16 2018 – Decked Out

Clues Answers
‘Dude!’ to a Jamaican MON
‘That’s just gross!’ UGH
‘You ___ not pass!’ SHALL
2014 Winter Olympics host SOCHI
Actors Robert and Alan ALDAS
Amphetamine, informally UPPER
Andean beast of burden LLAMA
Avenue liners ELMS
Backyard pool adjunct PATIO
Belonging to you and me OURS
Bistro star CHEF
Blacken when cooking CHAR
Boot part TOE
Braying beast ASS
Build dangerously, as anger BOILUP
Cambridge sch MIT
Capitol staffers AIDES
Carried BORNE
Chest of drawers BUREAU
Chocolate-coated toffee treats HEATHBARS
Color TINT
Connecting flight, of a sort STAIRCASE
Course’s 18 HOLES
Declaration at the poker table ICALL
Didn’t play SAT
Druid, e.g PAGAN
Drunks SOTS
Entry-level pos ASST
Exec outfits, and the contents of the circled spaces THREEPIECESUITS
Fake gems PASTE
Feared fly TSETSE
Forbearance from the judge MERCY
Fragments BITS
Friction reducer: Abbr LUB
Friend ALLY
Game settings STADIA
Goggle STARE
Greyhound posting SCHEDULE
Gym rat’s six-pack ABS
Hacienda house CASA
Hedgehog in Sega games SONIC
High hit LOB
IRS ‘customer’ FILER
Job benefits PERKS
Long times, in London AEONS
Make a bust, say SCULPT
Makes level EVENS
Matter makeup ATOMS
Michael of Monty Python PALIN
Nucleus component PROTON
Office plant FERN
Openly disobey FLOUT
Pageant winner’s crown TIARA
Person happy to take orders SALESREP
Phillips of ‘I, Claudius’ SIAN
Place for the pampered SPA
Pres. Davis led it CSA
Pupil’s place EYE
Radar screen dot BLIP
Red Ryder ammo BBS
Rough guess STAB
School paper ESSAY
Seriously solemn GRAVE
Sewing machine innovator Howe ELIAS
Spot for an AirPod EAR
Squat amphibians TOADS
Stenographer’s need PAD
Summer hrs DST
Take a breather REST
Treatments at a 53-Down PEELS
Trumpet great Herb ALPERT
TV’s Steve and Gracie ALLENS
Unpopular in the extreme HATED
Volcanic powder ASH
Wise guys SAGES
Words with tear or roll ONA
___ Spumante ASTI

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