Wall Street Journal – Oct 18 2018 – Sea Going

Clues Answers
‘Arabian Nights’ flyer ROC
‘At Last’ singer James ETTA
‘Casablanca’ heroine ILSA
‘No man is an island, entire of itself’ writer DONNE
‘Your point being?’ AND
Act litigiously SUE
Axe augmenters AMPS
B-boy connection ASIN
Balls ORBS
Boisterous baseball squad? LOUDNINE
Boost target EGO
Briefly INSUM
Chiwere speakers OTOE
Club base TOAST
Crevice, and, interpreted differently, what happened to five of this puzzle’s answers CLEFT
Crockett’s last stand ALAMO
Daimyo’s protector SAMURAI
Dealer in hot stuff FENCE
Dieter’s affidavit? LOSINGSTATEMENT
Dispatched SENT
Double curve ESS
Elect OPT
Entertain AMUSE
Eras of prosperity BOOMS
Express contempt for SNORTAT
Fairy tale antagonist OGRE
Frank McCourt memoir TIS
Fundraising events GALAS
Gazetteer figure AREA
Girlish fighting? LASSWARFARE
Head operations NODS
Hurl invective at ABUSE
ID checkers TSA
Indefatigable PERSISTENT
Inexperienced RAW
Kindergarten staple PASTE
Legal thing RES
Like, so last year PASSE
Lots and lots ATON
Mercantile event SALE
Minstrel song LAY
Multi-episode story ARC
New Horizons launcher NASA
Old Arabians NAGS
One with pressing business PRINTER
Part of an origami orangutan? PAPERLIP
Paw part PAD
Penguins on ice, e.g TEAM
Person of Pachacamac INCA
Pics on pecs TATS
Pit-Fighter producer ATARI
Place for private dining MESS
Poorest country in the Middle East YEMEN
Prime minister appointed by Akihito ABE
Rascally bunch IMPS
Regulations on crustaceans? LOBSTERLAWS
Safe for Muslim consumers HALAL
Salve BALM
Sci-fi staples ETS
Second or fifth, e.g UNIT
Singer Stefani GWEN
Site of the first jet bridge for plane boarding OHARE
Sunlit courts ATRIA
T.A.’s supervisor PROF
Tender spot? GOAL
Threw one’s hat into the ring RAN
Trail of Tears State Park setting MISSOURI
Two are required for planners ENS
Unadon ingredient EEL
Wasn’t in the game SAT
What art films generally lack MASSAPPEAL
Win for Polgar MATE
Word of editorial reconsideration STET
Words with strike or bail OUTON

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